Silver Cave

Located 85km south of Guilin and 20km southeast of Yangshuo county center, Silver Cave is a karst cave running through 12 mountains with a 2,000-meters-ong roundabout course. Various stalactites developed in different geologic ages in Silver Cave constitute awe-inspiring scenery, making it a "wonder of the world's karst caves".


- In Chinese: 阳朔银子岩景区

- Address: East side of Ligui Highway, Maling town, Lipu County, Guilin

- Opening time: 08:00-17:30

- Suggested sightseeing duration: 1 - 3 hours

- Entrance fee: RMB65

silver cave scenery

What to See and Experience

Being a real fairyland, Silver Cave is a place where you will be greatly impressed by its high hollow sky, deep underground river, impending waterfall, striking stone curtain and dense stalagmite. Walking inside the silver cave, you will exclaim how nature can be so powerful to make such magnificent sights. Silver top of the cave makes you feel in a in a beautiful world of ice, snow and frost. When you walk across the stone cliffs, you will understand why it is called silver cave as they are shiny like silver. Inside the cave, each scenic spot will make you feel what is called lifelike and vivid.

Currently, about 2 kilometers of the cave has been presented to tourists, which is divided into three parts: the upper cave, the grand hall, and the lower cave, with a total of 28 spots. The most famous among all the spots in the cave include the "Three Unique": "Musical Stone Screen", the "Deep Moon Palace" and the "Waterfall on the Snow Mountain"; and the "Three Treasures", "Buddha Expounding Classics", the "Solitary Pillar Propping up the Sky" and the "Pearl-decorated Umbrella". All the rocks in Silver Cave contain mineral crystal. When lighting illuminates the rocks, they reflect a silvery sheen and glint like silver. Hence the cave is turned into a splendid underground palace by these star-spangled stalactites. The stalactites in the cave can be divided into four types according to their ages: the old, the middle-aged, the young, and the infantile.

The Music Stone Screen is the most complete set of stalactites screens found in Guangxi Autonomous Region by far, which can be played with a light tap to produce an ethereal fairy music (knocking is now forbidden for protection).

The whole Silver Cave Scenic Area is like a huge bonsai created by mother nature, surrounded by lush and verdant mountains. Thousands of acres of peach forest extends, with amazing peach blossom in spring and peach harvest in summer. There are people picking fruits, fishing, biking, hiking, climbing and boating, together creating a land of idyllic beauty.

In addition, the annual Lipu Village Flower Festival, Chestnut Festival, Taro Food Festival, bicycle rally, extreme rock climbing and other activities are held in the scenic area every year.

Silver Cave stalactites

How to Get to Silver Cave

From Guilin: Get on one of the regular buses at Guilin Passenger Station, which departures from 7:00am to 18:30 pm. The price is about 15 yuan.

From Yangshuo: There are several shuttle buses running between Yangshuo Passenger Station and Silver Cave Scenic Area every day. The drive takes about half an hour.

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