Ancient Banyan Tree

The 1,500-year-old Banyan Tree located only 7 kilometers south of the Yangshuo County is a place that epitomizes the best of pastoral scenes of Yangshuo. This centuries-old tree is 17 meters high and 7 meters around the trunk, and covers an area of 1,000 square kilometers. And it’s an important part of the Li River scenery.

A single tree forest, looking like a huge umbrella, as if a huge mushroom cloud rose from the ground. When we look closely, we see that it has beautifully twisted roots and gnarled branches. Its crown is round with an exuberant growth of branches and leaves. Its branches spread out in all directions, and its roots twisting crisscross, and the tree takes six men to encircle its trunk with their arms stretched out.

big banyan tree yangshuo


- In Chinese: 大榕树景区

- Location: Big Banyan Tree Scenic Spot, Gaotian Village, Yangshuo County, Guilin

- Opening time: 08:00 – 17:30

- Best time to visit: all year round

- Entrance fee: RMB15


There is an ancient ferry crossing under the tree called "Rongyin Gudu (Aged Ferry under the Shade of the Aged Banyan)". Besides, to the south across the river there is the Moon Hill. The true village life under the hill makes you free from the hustle and bustle of metropolis.

The trunk of the big banyan tree is surrounded by plenty of red paper, beside the burned incense and some tribute of fruit. Such a thousand-year-old banyan tree has been entrusted with people's yearning for a better life. The local people have been worshiping this big banyan tree. They believe that the thousand-year old tree has soul, so they also call it the "godmother tree", "cash cow" and "love tree".

The reason why the big banyan tree is called love tree is that the movie "Liu Sanjie" was shot here. Many scenes and pictures in the film of "Liu Sanjie" which once prevailed in China and Southeast Asian countries were shot from here. Liu Sanjie was an admired Zhuang girl who sang folk songs for the poor and led the local against the oppression of the landlord. She pledged her love to a young man by the name of A Niu through love song. The love between two people is simple and beautiful; the story also attracted a lot of young lovers, to see the big banyan tree, to witness their love, and many visitors come here to wish for love.

yangshuo banyan tree

What to Do?

1. Hang red cloth on the tree, pray for good love. As a holy love tree, the Big Banyan Tree has witnessed so many couples from here. So it can be a good place to pry for love or good fortune of lovers.

2. Sit in the shadow and enjoy the cool in summer. The ancient tree grows strong, big and thick like forest. When you walk under the tree, you can hardly see the sun in the sky. That’s why locals like to play chess or instruments under the tree. It’s a wonder land to be a summer resort for the folks.

3. Appreciate the rural scenery. The tree is situated along the bank of Jinbao River. The crystal-like water flows quietly; you may see some people are fishing here. And the Moon Hill, Xingxing Hill, Camel Peak, etc., these mountains stands around the tree and the river with fields, what a fabulous idyllic scenery.

How to Get to Big Banyan Tree Scenic Spot?

An interesting way is to rent a bike or motorbike, ride along the road from Yangshuo to Lipu for 20 minutes, and then get across the Gongnong Bridge, you can reach the destination.

A more relaxing way is taking a Yulong River bamboo rafting, along with beautiful rural and karst landscapes, drop off at Gongnongn Bridge, and then walk there.

Taking minibus from Yangshuo to Gaotian Village is also a good way. You can stop at the scenic park on the way.

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