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What to See
  • Yuzi Paradise Sculpture Park
    Yuzi Paradise Sculpture Park

    Boasting over 600 hectares with Karst Mountains, Yuzi Paradise Sculpture Park is situated in Yanshan District, Yangshuo County. It is a large-scale ...

  • Butterfly Spring Park
    Butterfly Spring Park

    As a locale which brings together both a unique landscape and a rural setting, Butterfly Spring Park is located in the best traveling place of Moon ...

  • Impression Sister Liu San-jie Show
    Impression Sister Liu San-jie Show

    Directed by the famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou, Impression Sister Liu San-jie Show is an outdoor performance set in real mountains and rivers i ...

  • Shangrila

    Shangri-La means the ideal living place in Chinese, equaling to the Elysium or heaven in the West. Shangri-la is a dream place for many people. Whil ...

  • Silver Cave
    Silver Cave

    Located in the southeast of Yangshuo, Silver Cave is a karst cave running through 12 mountains with a 2,000-meters-ong roundabout course. Various st ...

  • Xingping Town
    Xingping Town

    The town of Xingping, lying by the east bank of Li River, is an old town with a history of over 1,300 years. It is also a place which epitomizes the ...

  • Fuli Town
    Fuli Town

    Fuli is a small and quiet town of 8 kilometers away from Yangshuo, with a mere 1,000-strong population. It has a history of 500 years. Travelers can ...

  • Yulong River
    Yulong River

    Yulong River, a major tributary of Li River, flows through some of the most beautiful karst (limestone) sceneries near Yangshuo. Local people use ra ...

  • Moon Hill
    Moon Hill

    About one kilometer from the Ancient Banyan Tree lays a hill whose peaks tower the sky as if it has reached the clouds. The hill has a cave with a d ...

  • Ancient Banyan Tree
    Ancient Banyan Tree

    The 1,400-odd-year-old Banyan Tree located only 7 kilometers south of the Yangshuo County is a place that epitomizes the best of pastoral scenes of ...

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