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Built in 1991 at a cost of $45 million, the 415-meters Tianjin TV & Radio Tower is a member (10th tallest) of the World Federation of Great Towers. Tianjin TV & Radio Tower, which is also called "Tian Ta" for short, is located at the south-west of Tianjin, surrounded by a lake about 210,000 square meters. In the shape of a paying disk, the entire tower is simple, smooth and straight, like a sword thrusting into the sky.

Excepting the broadcaster room which provide 9 channel FM stereo programs and 7 channel TV programs and power room (260m-378m), there are three stories in the tower, covering about 1,300 square meters. On the first story at the height of 248 meters, Xiankelai restaurant which can serve 100 people simultaneously provides Chinese food, banquet services, and Karaoke separate room. On the second story at the height of 253 meters lies the Observation Hall, where slot telescope, a display of world famous high towers and other television and radio towers in China are offered. On the third story at the height of 257 meters the revolving restaurant is built. Two hundred seats are fixed on a 3.66 meters wide revolving platform and it takes 45 to 60 minutes to turn round once. To dine here, one can enjoy an amazing bird’s-eye view of the magnificent metropolis of Tianjin, which will make visitors expressively utter such exclamations as "golly", "wow".

The tower is open the whole day. In a city not known for lofty edifices of architectural wonder, the Tianjin TV & Radio Tower truly enjoys prominent status.

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