Longchuan Grand Canyon

Standing out from the multitudes of scenic spots at Wuyishan, Longchuan Grand Canyon is 21 kilometers away from the Wuyishan tour area and 18 kilometers from the core area of the Wuyishan preserve. The Longchuan Grand Canyon exposes its unique and flowing beauty to makes you feel like a fairy land when you enter.

The moment you step into this canyon world, you enter a realm of picturesque landscape. Here, you can see the green ridges and peaks, the blossoming flower, the chirping birds and rare animals, the clear spring and the grand waterfall. The waterfall of United States Meilen Huan hangs down emptily along the rugged massif silver chain with jagged rocks of grotesque shapes. Elegant water fountains runs along the rugged surface of the mountains. Silvery water curtains bounce off the mountain just to reflect the colorful sunshine. Ancient trees with giant vines entwined thrusts into the sky. The Chinese wisteria is twined, collecting efficacious air but shape spirit in millennium. Large canyon floating is one of six major characteristics in Wuyishan. Besides, many other scenic spots, including Melaleuca waterfall, joy waterfall, Diebao three, Kwun Yam waterfall, Quanbao, Hongyan plunging waterfall. They are all worth visiting.

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