Wuyishan Food and Restaurants

Eight Trigrams Banquet wuyishanWuyishan is not only a popular tour destination, but also a paradise for gourmets. It has its unique culinary culture based on the long history and rich natural resources. After years of development, the local Chong’an Cuisine gradually came into being, which is featured with the wild game and produce from the mountains.

There are 3 famous banquets in Wuyishan area, namely, Manting, Bagua, and Snake Banquets

Manting Banquet is called "the Immortal's Banquet", all the cooking materials come from the mountainous areas, the banquet is usually served in an old house of Ming Dynasty style. After drinking several cups of sticky rice wine, the people will feel as happy as an immortal living on the heaven.

Bagua Banquet (or the Eight Trigrams Banquet), it was created by the highly reputable scholar of Confucianism in Song Dynasty (960-1279) - Zhu Xi. The dishes are placed on the table based on the traditional Chinese Taiji principle as below: The Taiji produces two forms, named yin and yang; The two forms produce four phenomena, named lesser yin, great yin (taiyin also means the Moon), lesser yang, great yang (taiyang also means the Sun); The four phenomena act on the eight trigrams (ba gua), eight eights are sixty-four hexagrams.

Snake Banquet, it is popular among Chinese people. Wuyishan Mount is a perfect habitat for snakes, it has been long time that the local people use snakes as the food material. They can prepare hundreds of different dishes with snake.

Warning: we don't recommend the international tourists to go to the local restaurants and order the dishes, especially the game meat unless you are accompanied by the tour guide. Some people believe that they were ripped off after dining at the local restaurants. Since the government issued the laws and regulations to protect the wild lives, it is not common to see the original game meat, or it should be very expensive at the local restaurants!

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