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What to See
  • Ancient City Ruins of Han Dynasty
    Ancient City Ruins of Han Dynasty

    The excavation of the ruins of Min Yue Royal Capital opens a glorious page of Wuyishan`s history. Covering an area of 480,000 square meters, Chengcu ...

  • Longchuan Grand Canyon
    Longchuan Grand Canyon

    Standing out from the multitudes of scenic spots at Wuyishan, Longchuan Grand Canyon is 21 kilometers away from the Wuyishan tour area and 18 kilome ...

  • Qinglong Waterfall
    Qinglong Waterfall

    The Qinglong waterfall, also known as Green Dragon waterfall, is located o¬n the west of the Grand Canyon ecology park in Wuyishan. Boasted as the ...

  • Wuyishan Natural Museum
    Wuyishan Natural Museum

    Wuyishan Natural Museum is located in the Wuyishan nature reserve. Covering a building area of 1,673 square meters, Wuyishan Natural Museum is inves ...

  • Xiamei Village
    Xiamei Village

    6km east of Wuyishan City (8km away from Wuyishan Scenic Area), Xiamei is a peaceful village of about 500 household (population: 2500). Xiamei Villa ...

  • Wuyishan Nature Reserve
    Wuyishan Nature Reserve

    It is an important site for national preservation covering an area of 99, 975 hectares (247,038 acres) in the northwest region of Fujian Province, h ...

  • Wuyishan Scenic Area
    Wuyishan Scenic Area

    Located at the middle part of Wuyi Mountain Range - northwest of Fujian Province, Wuyishan Scenic Area covers an area of 60 km². The mountain sceni ...

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