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Lijiang Food and Restaurants

lijiang babaLijiang's local specialties are Baba and Jidou Liangfen. Lijiang Baba is a thick flatbreads of wheat, served plain or stuffed with meats, vegetable or sweets. Jidou Liangfen is made of beans grown locally and jelly-like. Though with a weird color, it is one of the most popular foods in Lijiang. Tibetan tea, also known as yak butter tea, is widely served in local restaurants. Heavy herbal soup is another delicacy in the area. Like rest part of Yunnan Province, local dishes are featured with hot spiciness.

Some restaurants and cafes provide varieties of western food like pizza, hamburgers, sandwich, spaghetti and others. Popular restaurants include Sakura Café, Mama Fu's Restaurant and Old Town Beef Restaurant.

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