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What to See
  • Western Hill and Dragon Gate
    Western Hill and Dragon Gate

    Located approximately 15 kilometers from Kunming, the Western Hill spread out across a long wedge of parkland on the western side of Lake Dianchi. T ...

  • Dianchi Lake and Daguan Park
    Dianchi Lake and Daguan Park

    The Dianchi Lake is the largest lake in Yunnan Province and the eighth largest lake in China. It is 370 square kilometers in area, 44 meters in dept ...

  • Yuantong Temple
    Yuantong Temple

    Yuantong Temple, a temple build in Tang dynasty with a history of over 1,000 years, is seated at the southern foot of Luofengshan Hill. It is the bi ...

  • Qiongzhu Temple
    Qiongzhu Temple

    The temple lies on the northwestern outskirts of Kunming, some 8 miles (12 km) from the downtown area. Surrounded by wooded hills, the temple was bu ...

  • Golden Temple
    Golden Temple

    Golden Temple, located on Mingfeng Hill, 11km northeast of Kunming, is also known as Taihe Palace (the Hall of Supreme Harmony) and Tongwa Temple (t ...

  • Stone Forest
    Stone Forest

    Situated 75 miles southeast of Kunming, the Stone Forest is a wonder of geology. About 200 million year ago the earth's crust shifted and forced the ...

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