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What to See
  • The First Beacon Tower of Great Wall
    The First Beacon Tower of Great Wall

    Located in 7.5 km south of Jiayugyan Fort, this fire tower is the first one of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty from the west end, hence the nam ...

  • Wei-Jin Art Gallery
    Wei-Jin Art Gallery

    Situated in the desert 18 km northeast of Jiayuguan city, Wei-Jin Art Gallery is not really an art gallery, but ancient tombs with wall paintings. T ...

  • Overhanging Great Wall
    Overhanging Great Wall

    Lying in 14 km northwest of Jiayuguan city, this Great Wall was built on the Black Mountain (Heishan) in 1539 (Ming dynasty). It is the essential pa ...

  • jiayuguan Fort
    jiayuguan Fort

    7 km southwest of Jiayuguan city, Jiayugyan Fort is the west end of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty. It is the most magnificent and best-preser ...

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