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Located in the middle of Hexi Corridor (west of Yellow River and between Qilian Mountain and North Mountain) in Gansu province, Jiayuguan city was the gateway of ancient Silk Road. The east parts of the city are pieces of oasis dotted, where is the agricultural zone of the town. When going west through Jiayuguan Pass, you will come to a world of Gobi and desert.

In history, Jiayuguan city found its position on the ancient Silk Road. Camel caravans carried goods such as silk, ceramics, tea and so on going through Jiyuguan Fort to the west. The grandest Overhanging Great Wall standing here, it is also the starting point in the west of Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. You can also visit the First Beacon Tower of the Great Wall. Cultural integration showcases more artistic products like Wei-Jin Art Gallery. The unique geographical environment makes it a place of nice wine production… >> Read more about Jiayuguan history, facts, getting around, etc.

How to enjoy a wonderful Silk Road Jiayuguan trip in China? We will customize your tour reasonably and provide every detail you need. Lead your way to explore glacier and desert in the same city; help you to find the greatest wine in wine manor; appreciate beautiful wall painting from ancient time and tell you more stories of history. Have a Jiayuguan holiday now!

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Great Wall hiking trip in Jiayuguan is much different from that in Beijing, much more marvelous; interested in Gobi or desert in China, we can have a camel ride to explore its mystery; be fund of history or culture, there are so many historical relics opening to you… Come to Jiayuguan and have a private tour, making your trip amazing!

  • 2 Days
    Jiayuguan Tour

    Explore the magnificent Jiayuguan - an important stop on the ancient "Silk Road", for historical Jiayuguan City Wall and valuab

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  • 3 Days
    Jiayuguan Tour

    Jiayuguan City gets its name for Jiayuguan Pass - "First Pass under Heaven". Discover the ancient pass in Western China, and st

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Jiayuguan

As an essential city on Silk Road, you can extend your cultural journey from Jiayuguan to Dunhuang and Urumqi; fly to Suzhou, Shanghai or Hangzhou to the east, it will be a great difference with romantic water towns and modern buildings; go to the south, interesting minority customs in Guilin, Lijiang will show you a idyllic world with beautiful scenery…

Top Experiences & Attractions in Jiayuguan

  • 7 km southwest of Jiayuguan city, Jiayugyan Fort is the west end of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty. It is the most magnificent and best-preserved ancient military fort in Chi...
  • Lying in 14 km northwest of Jiayuguan city, this Great Wall was built on the Black Mountain (Heishan) in 1539 (Ming dynasty). It is the essential part of the defensive project of J...
  • Situated in the desert 18 km northeast of Jiayuguan city, Wei-Jin Art Gallery is not really an art gallery, but ancient tombs with wall paintings. There are more than 1400 tombs, w...
  • Located in 7.5 km south of Jiayugyan Fort, this fire tower is the first one of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty from the west end, hence the name. It is also called Taolaihe Du...

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