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Located in the middle of Hexi Corridor (west of Yellow River and between Qilian Mountain and North Mountain) in Gansu province, Jiayuguan city is 776 km away from Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu. The west part of the city is mostly Gobi desert, and there are some pieces of oasis dotted in the northeastern and southeastern Jiayuguan, where is the agricultural zone of the town.

In history, Jiayuguan city found its position on the ancient Silk Road. It is also the starting point in the west of Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. The historical background provides Jiayuguan city rich tourism resources like Jiayuguan Fort, Wei-Jin Art Gallery, Overhanging Great Wall, and The First Beacon Tower of the Great Wall and so on.
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Explore the magnificent Jiayuguan - an important stop on the ancient "Silk Road", for historical Jiayuguan City Wall and valuable Wei-Jin Art Gallery.
Jiayuguan City gets its name for Jiayuguan Pass - "First Pass under Heaven". Discover the ancient pass in Western China, and steep into its old-world elegance.

Jiayuguan Hotels More

  • Huayuan Hotel Jiayuguan
    Huayuan Hotel Jiayuguan

    The Huayuan Hotel is a 4-star business hotel located in the business area of Jiayuguan, occupying an area of 12, 000 square meters and with convenie ...

  • Jiayuguan Hotel
    Jiayuguan Hotel

    The Jiayuguang Hotel is a blend of European and Asian styles. The hotel is in the center of Jiayuguan, convenient to many shops and restaurants. The ...

  • Jiayuguan International Grand Hotel
    Jiayuguan International Grand Hotel

    Gansu International Grand Hotel is a high-level business hotel invested by local government, close to East Lake. Covering 50,000 square meters, the ...

  • Jiu Gang Hotel Jiayuguan
    Jiu Gang Hotel Jiayuguan

    The Jiu Gang Hotel was built according to five-star standards. With quiet surroundings and convenient transportation, it is an ideal place to stay.

Jiayuguan Attractions More

  • jiayuguan Fort
    jiayuguan Fort

    7 km southwest of Jiayuguan city, Jiayugyan Fort is the west end of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty. It is the most magnificent and best-preser ...

  • Overhanging Great Wall
    Overhanging Great Wall

    Lying in 14 km northwest of Jiayuguan city, this Great Wall was built on the Black Mountain (Heishan) in 1539 (Ming dynasty). It is the essential pa ...

  • Wei-Jin Art Gallery
    Wei-Jin Art Gallery

    Situated in the desert 18 km northeast of Jiayuguan city, Wei-Jin Art Gallery is not really an art gallery, but ancient tombs with wall paintings. T ...

  • The First Beacon Tower of Great Wall
    The First Beacon Tower of Great Wall

    Located in 7.5 km south of Jiayugyan Fort, this fire tower is the first one of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty from the west end, hence the nam ...

Jiayuguan | Food & Restaurants More

Situated in northwest of China, the food in Jiayuguan has been strongly influenced by the nomadic tribes and ethnic groups. The staple food here is wheat flour. Sheep meat is also very popular in locals' daily life.There are a variety of snacks in Jiayuguan like Cuoyu Noodle, Latiao Noodle, Wonton, Saozi Noodle and Paozhang Noodle. The food street is at Zhengxing Market and Jingtie Road. Of course, local restaurants can offer delicious and special dishes. The famous ones include Roast Leg of Lamb, Stir-fried Camel Hump, and Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce. More

Jiayuguan | Weather & Climate More

Climate in Jiayuguan is characterized by the dry season all year round. The average temperature is 4-14 ℃, January being the coldest and August being the hottest. The better time to visit here is May to October. Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Average High (°F) 27/30 34/38 47/51 61/65 72/76 80/83 ... More

Jiayuguan Travel Tips More

Jiaoyuguan City, with a history of 600 years, marks one of the defining points of the ancient Silk Road, and the symbolic end of the Great Wall. The historical background provides Jiayuguan city rich tourism resources, like Jiayuguan Fort, Wei-Jin Art Gallery, and Overhanging Great Wall, etc. Best Time to Jiayuguan CityThe best time to visit Jiayuguan City is from May to October. The temperature difference within a year is great. The coldest month is January and the lowest record of temperature is -28.6℃; the hottest month is July with the highest tem ... More

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