Tiger Leaping Gorge

60 km north of Lijiang old town, Tiger Leaping Gorge is a canyon on the upper reach of the Yangtze River, which part is usually called Jinsha River (Golden Sand River). The gorge is located where the river passes between 5,596-meter-high Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and 5,396-meter-high Haba Snow Mountain in a series of rapids under lofty 2000-metee-deep cliffs. Legend says a tiger could jump across the river at the narrowest point (still 25 meters wide), hence the name.

Tiger Leaping Gorge offers a pleasant walk through spectacular scenery, easily accessible from Lijiang. The gorge stretches 18 km, consists of 3 sections: upper, middle and lower. The hiking trail extends 25 km in total. Typically, travelers do the trip within two days. Each day is a walk of approximately 4-6 hours, which is not particularly strenuous, but with plenty of dips and rises along the ridge to give a bit of a workout. Basic accommodations can be provided with clean beds and hot water shower.

tiger leaping gorgehiking up the gorgecloser view of gorge

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