Dry Sea Meadow

Ganhaizi meadowDry Sea used to be a beautiful highland glacial lake, but over countless years the water in it decreased and finally disappeared. That's why people call it Dry Sea.  Nowadays it has become a beautiful meadow surrounded by mountains on three sides. Dry Sea Meadow is located at the east foot of Yulongxueshan (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain) about 25 kilometers from Lijiang Old Town at an altitude of 3100 meters above sea level. It is the best destination to witness the panoramic view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Standing on the meadow, you can see the thirteen peaks of the snow mountain looking like a jade dragon in white color that flying and playing leisurely in the sapphiric sky. They are covered by the undefiled white snow that lines from the north of the south. Shanzidou (Fan Peak), the highest peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, looking like a gigantic unfolded fan cutting in the clouds from one angle of view.

The quiet and serene Dry Sea Meadow offers visitors an extreme vast vision. The big and comfortable green grassland looks like a blanket, stretching itself into the great distance. Spring is undoubtedly the best season for visiting as the meadow will burst into colorful blooms during the most energetic period throughout the year. Dry Sea is an abundant pasture and views of local herders who intersperse their groups of grazing livestock, including the cattle, the goats, the sheep and the domesticated yaks, which are easy to be seen. Cable car service is available for the convenience of visitors to reach the glacial plain to witness the picturesque snowy scenery and take part in skiing activity nowadays.

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