Butterfly Spring Park

As a locale which brings together both a unique landscape and a rural setting, Butterfly Spring Park is located in the best traveling place of Moon Hill Scenic Area in Yangshuo. Occupying an area of 36,000 square meters, Butterfly Spring Park is the largest live butterfly garden in China. You can see millions of butterflies living and getting along with people harmoniously in Die Yuan, which is a well-marked garden for viewing butterflies in the park. You also can see thousands of specimens of about 300 butterfly varieties displaying on the Butterfly Exhibition Hall.

Due to a butterfly-like stalactite found in a grotto of this beautiful park, the name Butterfly Springs was therefore given. Once entering the park, you can see a huge Monarch Butterfly model mounting on a cliff beside the gate. The model looks so vivid that people may think the butterfly is waving its wings to welcome visitors. On both sides of the butterfly, the cliffs are the rock-climbing base. You can watch the show of rock-climbing, or you also can experience for yourself.

yangshuo butterfly


- In Chinese: 蝴蝶泉

- Address: Butterfly Spring Park Scenic Spot, Yangshuo County 321 State Road, Guilin

- Opening time: 08:00 – 18:00

- Best time to visit: May - Oct

- Entrance fee: RMB55


Butterfly Spring Park, there is a 400-meter-long butterfly cave. Entering the cave, you can see stalactites which are like butterfly. They are in different shapes, vivid and lively. The most unique one is that there is a piece of stalactite is the very image of the couple of butterflies. It seems like that the two butterflies are whispering to each other. Other than that, there is a natural spring under the butterfly rock. Spring water oozes from the sandy layer in the rock every day and forms a pool. This is named the Butterfly Spring. Going through the cave, you can appreciate the waterfalls, which is up to over 40 meters high. The waterfall is famous for its comeliness, and is regarded as the dragon vein. Not far away from the waterfall, there is the aboriginal hanging bridge, it threatening but not dangerous. The whole bridge is more than 50 meters long and 30 meters high above the ground.

Butterfly Cave is a karst cave, the stalactites inside the cave standing in different shapes and thick like forest. Outside the cave, there is a clear spring water flowing slowly. You can climb to the Nan Tian Men observation deck, the only place in Yangshuo with a panoramic view of the Ten-mile Gallery, and overlook the idyllic and karst scenery of whole Yangshuo.

yangshuo butterfly cave

There are also Dong and Miao folk songs and dance performances in the park to convey ethnic customs and historical culture. It is a very special and wonderful experience to see ethnic performances in this beautiful landscape.

What to Do?

1. Visit the fantastic Butterfly Cave. If you haven't already visited a larger cave in Guilin, you can see a variety of shaped stalactites, columns, stalagmites and more in the Butterfly Spring Park. The damp and cool in the cave makes it a perfect place to escape the heat in summer as well.

2. Walk through the hanging bridge, and visit the ethnic residences inside the park. The park has a folk exhibition area, restoring the villages of the Miao and Dong ethnic groups, wooden stilted buildings and Wind and Rain Bridges.

3. Enjoy minority shows. Besides the singing and dancing performances, you can also see the etiquette and costumes of the ethnic minorities when they celebrate their traditional festival.

4. Climb the mountain and overlook the idyllic landscape. There are mountains and rivers in the park and nearby hills in rolling. The Nan Tian Men observation deck is the best viewing platform in this area. The mountain is not very high and steps have been built on the road. Experience a slow and leisurely hike to the top of the mountain. The scenery is the best reward for you.

yangshuo butterfly spring park

5. Visit the butterfly specimens. If you visit Yangshuo with kids, it will be a wonderful site for them. A variety of butterfly specimens from different countries and regions are made and collected here. Here children can explore the mysteries of insects and the wonders of nature.

How to Get To Butterfly Spring Park?

It’s very close to Yangshuo downtown; you can rent a bike or a motorbike to ride there.

You can also take a mini bus at Yangshuo Bus Station to Gaotian Village, you will get Butterfly Spring Park in 5 minutes.

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