Folded Brocade Hill (Diecai Hill)

Situated in the north of Guilin city on the west bank of Li River, Folded Brocade Hill (Diecai Hill) is an important attraction making up the fabulous Karst landscape in Guilin downtown. Legend has it that there used to be many laurel trees on the hill, so it is sometimes called Laurel Hill. This point of interest is famous for its charming layout, layers of stone transverse, looks like multicolor silk brocade overlapping again and again, and that’s why it got its name of Folded Brocade Hill.

Diecai Hill Scenic Park is consisted of two hills named Siwang and Yuyue and two peaks called Xianhe (Crane) and Mingyue (Bright moon). Mingyue Peak is the tallest peak in Guilin city, and it’s the best place to enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city. And Xianhe Peak, owns the best perspective for sunrise, is another highlight of this park, attracting so many photography-lovers every years. Now Folded Brocade Hill has become a common park for locals, when you visit here, you will see many elder people doing exercise in the park or climb the hill.

folded brocade hill


- In Chinese: 叠彩山

- Address: No.2 Longzhu Road, Diecai District, Guilin

- Opening time:

06:00 – 18:30 (Apr 1st to Nov 30th)

07:00 – 18:00 (the rest of the year)

- Best time to visit: all the year

- Entrance fee: RMB25

What to See?

Folded Brocade Hill is known for its unique holes and stone carving. As you enter the park, you will be able to see the stone carvings made by the famous people in ancient times when they were visiting the park.

Climbing several flights of stone steps, the tourist will first reach the Piled Silk Pavilion. To the west of the pavilion is the Siwang Hill standing opposite the Yuyue Hill. Inscribed on the pavilion is a "Note to the Siwang Hill" written by a Tang Poet Yuan Hui. The three big characters meaning the "Piled Silk Hill" were written in 1964 by Shen Yinmo, a contemporary calligrapher. Turning back from the Xianhe Peak, the tourist will have access to the Wind Cave by entering the Piled Silk Gate and Passing through the Yangzhi hall. The marvel of the Wind Gate, a most extraordinary sight on the Piled Silk Hill, is characterized by its gentle breeze. The cave runs from south to north and is breezy all the year round. In the cave entrance of the cave there is a Breeze-Inviting Pavilion, which was first built in the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in 1972. Two-storey and open on all sides, it is an ideal place for enjoying beautiful views. 

guilin diecai hill

Coming out of the pavilion and walking along the right side of the hill, the tourist will find the River-Watching Pavilion, which was first built in the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in 1954. Climbing more than 200 steps farther from the River-Watching Pavilion, the tourist will reach the Mingyue Peak, where stands the Cloud-Catching Pavilion built after 1949. The scenery is rewarding and looks like a huge picture of embroidery. It is really a tourist attraction. Every day it draws many thousands of visitors.

There is a Butterfly Herbarium Display in this park, which is also a site you couldn’t miss, where has a collection of thousands of bizarre butterfly herbariums and some herbariums of animals. Souvenir is available on your own expense.

How to Get to Folded Brocade Hill?

Public transports are very friendly to visitors. Guilin is a city within sceneries; bus stops are usually close to scenic spots, so you can easily to find the destination by bus. If you take Bus 2 or 203, get off at Diecai Hill Stop; take Bus 1, 18 or 100, get off at Dongzhen Road Stop.

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