Seven Star Park

Located on the east bank of the Li River, Seven Star Park is the biggest comprehensive park covering more than 100 acres. The most attractive highlight is the Seven Star Cave in the park; hence, the park is named after the cave. When you visit Seven Star Park, you can see the wild monkeys everywhere on the mountain; feeding them is very interesting. The park shares all such beauties as 'the unique of hills', 'the clearness of waters', and '“the marvels of caves' in Guilin, it can be said that Seven Star Park is the epitome of Guilin's distinctive scenery.


- In Chinese: 七星公园

- Address: No.1 Seven Star Road, east bank of Li River, Qixing District, Guilin

- Opening time:

06:00 – 19:30 (Mar 1st to Nov 30th);

06:30 – 19:00 (the rest of the year);

08:00 – 17:30 (Seven Star Cave & zoo)

- Best time to visit: all year round

- Entrance fee: RMB45

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What to Do & See?

Seven Star Scenic Area consists of natural and cultural landscapes including Karst caves, hills, streams, stone carvings, temples, courtyard, etc.

1. Explore the outstanding karst caves. There are caves in the hills inside the park. The most illustrious one is the Seven Star Cave. The Seven Star Cave, also called Xixia Cave or Bixu Cave, is the most fascinating of the caves at the foot of Seven-star rocks (to be distinguished from the rock formation of the same name in neighboring Guangdong Province) in Guilin. Centuries ago Seven Star Cave used to be an underground river channel, which with the movement of the earth's crust rose above the surface to become a cavern. It became a popular travelers' attraction as early as 1,300 years ago, and over the centuries many poems and other inscriptions have been left behind on its walls by visitors. The 1,000-meter-long tunnel is also a gallery of stalactites such names as 'Monkey Picking Peaches', 'Frog Leaping into a Pond', 'Two Dragons Entering a Cave', and 'Two Dragons playing a Ball'. Sometimes the formations resemble forests.

2. Walk through the Flower Bridge. The Flower Bridge is built in Song dynasty (960–1279), the oldest bridge in Guilin with the length of 135 meters. There is a wind and rain long corridor on the bridge, and the bridge pavilion covered with green glazed tiles, its body is made of rock, featured with a heavy minority style. Every spring and summer, the flowers in full bloom, the flowers on both sides of the bridge looks like brocade, making the small bridge hidden a half on stream water and half on flowers.

seven star park

3. Have a leisure hiking on the hills. Looking from the sky, the seven peaks of the park look like the big dipper in the sky. Putuo Mountain is the basic one including Tianshu, Tianxuan, Tianji and TIanquan Peaks. It is not only famous for its Seven Star Cave in the mountain, but also for the Buddhist Avalokitesvara, who is worshipped on the mountain. At the same time, there are many cultural relics on the mountain, including more than 200 stone carvings.

4. Take photos in front of Camel Hill. It’s the most interesting hills in the park situated behind the Putuo Mountain, looks like a camel squatting down on the ground. It’s listed into the top 10 landscapes in Guilin city because of its distinctive outline.

5. Visit Guilin Zoo. Besides the wild monkeys, there is also a professional medium-sized zoo inside the park, and it’s the only park in Guilin city, including 20 theme houses and 100 kinds of animals.

6. Enjoy your time by walking around the park. Now, the park is mainly playing a role of a exercise park for the locals, you can also see how people spend their leisure time. We can arrange a Tai Chi class in the park to savor up your trip. The two limpid waters - the Xiaodong River and the Lingjian Stream flowing through the park, join together under the old flower bridge (first built in the Song Dynasty) and then wind southward by the hill. Reflections of the green peak and the bridge in the water form a fascinating picture. Nestling in the hills and connected by windings paths are arbors and pavilions with red pillars and green tiles. Arched gates, flights of stone steps and thickly shaded walks, all seen to be very tranquil and pleasant. When the autumn wind begins to blow the entire park is filled with the perfume of golden cassia flowers.

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How to Go There?

It’s convenient to take public transport in Guilin city to any scenic spot. You can take Bus 10, 11, 14, 18, 21, 24, 25, 28, 30, 52, 97 or 204 and get off at Seven Star Park Station. And then you can easily get to the destination on foot.

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