Sunday Market

selling clothesSunday Market in Kaili is held every five days, selling varieties of fresh food, vegetables, fruits, craftworks, jewelry, herbs, clothing, and musical instruments. It is a fabulous place to get a glimpse of the local ethnic lifestyle because the Miao and Dong ethnic people in the surrounding villages stream in to the Sunday Market to sell their wares.

For any visitors to Kaili,home to the Miao and Dong tribes,the lively Sunday Market is definitely worthwhile paying a visit, especially if ethnic arts are your cup of tea. Nowadays it is difficult to see local people dress in traditional costumes in the cities, or working in the rice paddies. However, if you come to the sunday market in Kaili, you might have chance to see the vivid scene that beautiful traditional dresses worn by the Miao girls and women. The Miao and Dong Minorities from the surrounding villages endow the market with their unique characters. They put on their costumes; hair in a traditional manner piled high and carries shoulder poles trading in the market

Embroidery silk, decorations, silver rings and earrings attract the attentions of Miao girls and women, as well as lure the visitors. Herbal remedies are also available here, such as root ginger, wood ginger and coriander. Various distinctive snacks are provided for people who travel a lot here, toasted bean curd is the most favorite snack.

The Sunday market sets along the river, retaining its amazing size and atmosphere as well as many of its wooden homes and buildings. The best time for photograph on the market usually starts from 10:00 to 14:00 as this period is most lively.

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