Qinglong Waterfall

The Qinglong waterfall, also known as Green Dragon waterfall, is located o¬n the west of the Grand Canyon ecology park in Wuyishan. Boasted as the No.1 waterfall in East China, the 40-meter-wide Qinglong Waterfall cascades downhill from a height of 120 meters.

The big waterfall has extremely rich water source. It is like a green dragon howling out from the canyon. The hundred meters boundary the moisture is misty and finally encircles in the canyon, swiftly and directly flows to the bottom of the canyon. When you see the Qinglong waterfall, you will be unable to resist its natural charm. As the dropping variance of stream is very big, the river water is rapid in some sections. You will hear the big sound of the waves and see the silver spray when the water whips the stones. The forests are luxuriant around the waterfall. There are plenty of wide animals and plants, including 1,017 varieties of higher plants, 93 species of beasts in vertebrates. If you are finding a place to chill out, you can come here. Fresh air generated by the magic virgin forest in the park is just like a natural oxygen bar where you can breathe the abundant oxygen. It`s an ideal place for camping or forest bath.

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