Xingping Town

Located on the bank of Li River, Xingping Ancient Town can be called the apple of the eyes of Guilin. It shows the essential scenery of Li River. The picture of the back of RMB20 Chinese note comes from here, the same as other highlights like Nine-Horse Fresco Hill, the Lotus Cave, Lingbao Pavilion, Yellow Cloth Shoal and so forth. The nearby Xianggong Hill and Laozhai Mountain enjoy the best overlook view of the Li River; you can savor up your trip with them.

Walking on the Xingping Old Street, you will find that the old city wall, slop-roof houses with black tiles are getting along with the new lifestyle; brick-tile structure and historical relics are kept integrated. When you wander to the original fishing village, ancient bridges, pavilions and ferries, and the natural scenery will come into your eyes with breathtaking visual experience.

xingping town


- In Chinese: 兴坪古镇

- Location: northeast of Yangshuo, being 28km away from Yangshuo, Guilin

- Opening time: all day

- Best time to visit: all year round

- Entrance fee: free

Highlights & What to Do

The ancient town of Xingping, lying by the east bank of Li River, is an old town with a history of over 1,300 years. There are numerous historical relics and historical sites here, most of which are concentrated near the Xingping Old Street. When you walk around the old street, you can see the old Bridges, pavilions, temples, old stage from Qing dynasty and so on. The residences on both sides of the street are still largely ancient structures with sloping black tiles.

With the popularity of Guilin tourism, shops are opened by the local at their own houses; meals, handicrafts, clothes, souvenir, etc. can be found here. And local foods are really highly recommended to visitors. The small town is close to the Li River, so dishes of fish are must-try dishes. Snacks are various, and vegetables grown by folks taste sweet.

It is also a place which epitomizes the creams of scenes along the Li River. Xingping Old Town is well-known for its still waters, grotesque peaks, steep cliffs, and fantastic landscape. This area has many landmarks including Mural Hill, Snail Hill, Lotus Crag, and Fishing Village which can be seen from the Li River cruise. You can take a leisure bamboo raft or Li River Cruise to appreciate the essential period of Li River.

xingping ancient town

Towering here are several picturesque peaks. One looks like a "Beauty looks at herself in a mirror," another seems to be a "General draws his sword"… These hills and peaks set off by bamboo-groves and willows in vibrancy and houses and villages along the bank turn out a series of ink-and-waters as the cruise goes along. Sometimes they dip onto the riverbed and at other times go right up to the top of the peak.

Xingping Ancient Town is also an ideal place to start a Li River hiking trip. You can walk up to Yangdi along the River from here. Those interested in hiking can take the 5 hrs walk to Yangdi or ferry across the river and trek to the Stone City. Alternatively hire a local boat and go up and down the river to appreciate natural wonder.

How to Get to Xingping Old Town?

Driving from Guilin to Xingping will takes about 2hrs or driving from Yangshuo takes 0.5 hour.

It’s convenient to take bus at Yangshuo Bus Station to Xingping. The bus will stop at the entrance of the town and you can walk there.

The most relaxing and comfortable way to go there is taking a Li River Cruise from Guilin and stop at Xingping Pier. You can enjoy the outstanding karst landscapes on the way.

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