Nanguan Mosque

Located in the southeastern corner of old town of Yinchuan, the Nanguan Moque is one of the largest mosques in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It was first built in late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Covering an area of 2074 square meters, the present complex was rebuilt in 1981 by the Muslims in Ningxia area.

The mosque is a modern Middle-Eastern-style structure with little Chinese architectural influence, with Islamic arches and dome roofs covered in green tiles. The main hall is 26 meters high. The second floor of the main hall can accommodate 1,300 worshipers. There are bathrooms, worship halls, women's worship halls, the imam's dorm, and reception rooms, etc. in the first floor. One large and four small domes sit on the top of the main hall. Two minarets of 30 meters high stand on both sides of the front gate, and a fountain with 15 meters in diameter in the center of the courtyard. The whole building complex has harmonious layout, magnificent decorations.

Today the Nanguan Mosque has become an important site in Yinchuan for Islamic activities, and a popular attraction for tourists.

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