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Sheltered from the Gobi Desert by the high Helan Mountain ranges to its west, and abundantly supplied with water from the nearby Yellow River, Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, occupies a favored geographical position in otherwise harsh surroundings.

Being endowed with the colorful cultural and historical values, Yinchuan deserves to be a famous tourist city in China. There are so many interesting sites worth a visit. The most popular attractions include Sand Lake Scenic Resort (Sha Hu) and Shapotou, Western Xia Mausoleum, etc.
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Take this 3-day private Yinchuan trip and enjoy the splendid culture in west China; it is also a place that features with authentic Hui culture. And you will visit popular scenic spots like Sand Lake Scenic Area, Western Xia Imperial Tombs, Nanguan Mosque, Haibao Pagoda. This will be a meaningful and interesting trip for you.

Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

Destinations: Yinchuan

Starting Point: Yinchuan

Ending Point: Yinchuan

On this 5-day Yinchuan tour, you will access to the most essential attractions around the area, including the western xia imperial tombs. The highlight comes on Tengger Desert, where you can have some fun desert activities.

Duration: 5 days & 4 nights

Destinations: Yinchuan - Zhongwei - Yinchuan

Starting Point: Yinchuan

Ending Point: Yinchuan

Yinchuan Attractions More

  • Chengtiansi Pagoda
    Chengtiansi Pagoda

    Also known as the West Pagoda, the Chengtiansi Pagoda was first built in 1050 of the Western Xia Dynasty (1032-1277). It is a 64.5-meter-high octago ...

  • Haibao Pagoda
    Haibao Pagoda

    1.5 km northwest of downtown Yinchuan, also known as the North Pagoda by the locals, the Haibao Pagoda erects in its place for over 1500 years. It w ...

  • Nanguan Mosque
    Nanguan Mosque

    Located in the southeastern corner of old town of Yinchuan, the Nanguan Moque is one of the largest mosques in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It was ...

  • Sand Lake Scenic Area
    Sand Lake Scenic Area

    56km north of Yinchuan, Sand Lake Scenic Area is a big draw to tourists. Encompassing an area of more than 80 square km, Sand Lake (Shahu) is a gem ...

  • Shapotou

    220 km south of Yinchuan (3.5 hours ride), Shapotou Tourism Area lies on the southeastern rim of the Tengger Desert with breathtaking scenery of des ...

  • Western Xia Imperial Tombs
    Western Xia Imperial Tombs

    Located on the eastern slope of Helan Mountains, some 40km westward from capital city of the Western Xia – the present Yinchuan (Xingqing in histor ...

  • Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum
    Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum

    The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum is a comprehensive historical museum of provincial level in China. Occupying a total area of 8456 square me ...

  • Jade Emperor Pavilion
    Jade Emperor Pavilion

    Located at the crossroads of Jiefang Road and Yuhuangge Street in Yinchuan City, Jade Emperor Pavilion is a Taoist temple at the foot of Penang Hill ...

Yinchuan | Food & Restaurants More

As the major habitat for Hui Muslims, Yinchuan food is featured with the Islamic flavor. Since the area is rich in food supply, and has a long history of over 1000 years, here has become a Halal cuisine center for Muslim people.The most popular dishes here include mutton eaten with hands, steamed lamb, mutton noodle, big plate crisp chicken, etc.Recommended local Muslim restaurants are Delonglou Islamic Restaurant, Xianhelou Islamic Restaurant, Yingbinlou Restaurant. More

Yinchuan | Weather & Climate More

Yinchuan has a desert climate with cold and windy (but dry) winters, dust-laden springs, hot and somewhat humid summers, and rather short autumns. Monthly means range from -7.9 °C (17.8 °F) in January to 23.5 °C (74.3 °F) in July, with the mean for year at 9.0 °C (48.2 °F). Rainfall, is not heavy during any season, not even summer. Diurnal temperature differences tend to be large due to the aridity, which also partly contributes to the hi ... More

Yinchuan Maps More

Yinchuan Travel Tips More

Best Travel Time YinchuanYinchuan has a dry continental climate with cold and windy winter, dust-laden spring, hot and little humid summer and comfortable but short autumn. The annual average temperature here is around 8.5 degree Celsius and the annual sunshine hours are between 2,800 hours and 3,000 hours and the temperature differences for day and night are huge. The best time to travel Yinchuan Ningxia is between May and October. Yinchuan Safety TipsThere are many Hui minority people in Yinchuan, the capital city of Xining, just respect their custom ... More

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