Cangshan Mountain

Consisting of 19 peaks and 18 streams in total, the Cangshan Mountain is located about 2 km to the west of the Dali city. The Horse and Dragon Peak (Malong Peak), the highest one, towers 4,122 meters above sea level and the mountain top is covered with snow all year round. The 18 streams flow down from the mountain valleys and empty themselves at Eihai Lake, which become the major water source for the lake.

For centuries, the Cangshan Mountain not only offers tourists enchanting scenery, but also a place for religious worship and retreat. Tourists can take a cable car and horse back ride up to the mountain slopes, where some Buddhist temples are scattered in the mountain range. People can walk along the flat road on the mountain, and enjoy the spectacular view of Erhai Lake and other scenic spots.

The mountains are covered with green trees and tea bushes. The area produces more than 100,000 kilograms of processed tea annually and is the home to the famous Yunnan White Tea. Having been quarried in the mountain for over 1,300 years, Dali Marble has been widely accepted as a high-profile construction and ornamental material in China.

cangshan dali

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