Jinsha Cultural Relics Museum

jinsha relics museumJinsha Relics Museum was built on the basis of the Jinsha relics which was discovered in Feb, 2001, with an area of 38000 square meters(74 acres). The Jinsha Site was the most significant archaeological discovery in the 21st century in China. Thousands of gold plates, jade articles, stone wares, bronze wares and ivories of Kingdom of Shu (221 - 263) were discovered from the site. Among them the Holy Bird, which is the combination of the ancestors’ philosophy, rich imagination, excellent art creation and superb skills, has become the symbol of China Cultural Heritage. After Ancient Shu Kingdom`s disappearance from over 3,000 years ago, Jinsha Ruins is considered to be another capital of it. Today Jinsha Ruins has been a key national cultural relics protection project.

In Nov, 2004, the Jinsha Relics Museum began to be built on the site. It opened to the public as an advanced, world first-class museum. Moreover, it has been listed as the sixth series of Cultural Relics of National Importance under the Protection of the State. Jinsha Relics Museum is made up of five sections: Relic Hall, Exhibition Hall, Protection Center of Cultural Relics, Garden District and Tourist Receiving Center. It not only displays the history of the origin, development, evolution of the ancient Shu dynasty, but also reappears the ecological and living environment as well as the worship styles. Thus, visitors can appreciate the magnificent worship and exquisite relics of ancient Shu Kingdom 3000 years ago. Related performances and activities all year around are available at academic report center and 4D cinema. The price of the ticket is 80 RMB and the opening time is from 8:00 to 18:00.

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