Crown Cave

crown caveAs a river cave with a great portal at the Li River, Crown Cave is located in Caoping Hui Nationality village about 29 km from Guilin city. It gets its name because of the crown-shaped hill above. It is a labyrinth like cave system with an underground stream running out of a remarkable gate of Mount Haiyang and straight into the Li River. It has been known for centuries and has attracted and inspired countless poets, scholars and nobles. The first visitor of the cave is Xu Xiake, a famous Chinese traveler, geographer who explored Crown Cave in 1637. 

Crown Cave Scenic Area is made up of Crown Cave and the hills, villages, rivers from Zhujiang (bamboo) River in the north to Yangdi Village in the south, with Crown Cave being most famous. The cave runs a distance of 12 km, with only a stretch of 3 km have been properly explored. Inside the cave it is divided into four caves connecting with each other. Stalagmite and stalactite protruding from the top of the outer cave are illuminated by an interior lighting system, presenting a spacious and bright appearance. Grotesque and imposing stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars inside will capture your imagination, leading you into a fairyland.

Crown Cave is very well developed with varied vehicles. Tourists can visit by boat, lift, tram and theme-park type cars. The opening time is from 08:30 to 16:30

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