Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Covering an area of 68,000 square meters, a floor space of 98,000 square meters and an exhibition space of 65,500 square meters, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is located in on the southeast end of Century Avenue, beside Century Park in Pudong New Area. Lined with the theme of "Nature, People and Science", it at offering visitors a unique experience in the modern scientific discipline.

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum opened to the public on December 18, 2001. Up to December 2009, it has received more than 18 million visitors to greatly promote its science education and science traveling functions. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum currently has opened 14 thematic exhibition halls and 4 science theaters to the public.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum exhibitions


Chinese Name: 上海科技馆

Address: NO. 2000 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area Administrative and Cultural Center

Address in Chinese: 上海浦东新区行政文化中心的世纪广场

Ticket Price: CNY45 P/P

Opening Hours: 9:00 -17:15 (Tuesday to Sunday , closed on Monday)

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum architecture


Shanghai Science and Technology Museum consists of one underground floor, four floors above ground and an office complex. The building of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is asymmetrical structure with low in the west and high in the east, which symbolizes the evolution of natural history and human civilization. The whole building is divided into three parts. In the west side there is a fan space rising gradually from low to high. In the middle there is a transparent glass oval lobby with a yellow sphere in the center, symbolizing the vastness of the universe and the gestation of life. In the east there is a 4-story frame structure. The whole structure looks creative and dynamic, and reflects the mission of the science and technology museum.The underground floor is the public area with the most concentrated service facilities, including the ticket hall, the food market, the leisure corridor and the temporary exhibition hall.


Shanghai Science and Technology Museum has 11 permanent exhibition halls: Spectrum of Life, Earth Exploration, Cradle of Design, Light of Wisdom, Home on Earth, Information Era, World of Robots, Light of Exploration, Human and Health, Space Navigation, Children's Rainbow, and 2 special exhibition halls: World of Animals and Spiders Exhibition.

dinosaur skeleton

The “Spectrum of Life” introduces the diversity of life to people by imitating the natural scenery of Yunnan, China. Here you can enjoy the rich variety of life phenomena and the interdependence of species and ecology, and realize the importance of protecting the natural environment. The "Earth's Crust Exploration", exhibiting the secrets of the earth and Shanghai's physical geography, is a journey to the center of the Earth, complete with fossils. "Children's Techno land" has a walk-in heart and brain, as well as a simulated construction zone with soft foam bricks, is designed for children between one and twelve years old, to interest them early in scientific matters. The vast “Light of Wisdom” area has more than 100 interactive stations that bring scientific principles to life. "Cradle of Designers" gives you the chance to design your own cards or create your own video. "Spectrum of Life" is a simulated tropical rainforest with robotic beetles and a bat cave.

The IMAX 3D Theater, the IMAX Dome Theater, the IWERKS Theater and the Space Theater constitute the largest science education cinema in Asia with 10,000 annual films shown. The IMAX 3-D Large-Format Theatre, with a silver screen measuring 60 x 81 feet, is the first Chinese 3-D large-format Theatre, and it can hold 441 viewers. The IMAX Dome Theatre stages educational entertainment for 280 audiences. It can play dome digital movie and also do celestial demonstration. The tilting silver screen makes spectators afloat while watching the films.

Price for Movie

- CNY40 for the IMAX Dome Theater;

- CNY30 for IWERKS

- CNY30 for IMAX spheroid screen movie;

- CNY20 for the Space Theater

young students in museum

How to Get to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

By subway: take Line 2 at the closest station, and get off at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station.

By public city bus: No.640, No. 794, No.815, No.984, No.638, No.983, No.184, No.975, East Zhou Line, Tunnel Line 3, Shenchong Line 4

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