White Water River

White Water River lies approximately 25 kilometers to the north of Lijiang, about 5 kilometers north of the Dry Sea Meadow. It was formed by runoff from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and surrounded by mountains. Baishuihe literally means White Water River in Chinese, which might give visitors the impression of crystal clear river water. It really deserves the name as the water that flows in the river is extremely clean as the water has gone through uncountable gravel and stones which turn into the natural filter of the water when the water flows. However, the main reason why the river looks white in color and got its name is for the riverbed which is formed by pieces of white sedimentary rocks has also. Visitors can even see the riverbed from above as the water of the river is 100% out of any pollutants. 

Ice-water, melted into springs from snow-cap Mountains, runs into the White Water River, consisting of its main source of water. Thus, water in this river is extremely cold that most of the people cannot bear the coldness to swim in the river. Even in summer, people can not bear the piercing cold when they are barefoot in it. White Water River gives people a magnificent and miraculous impression for its cascading waterfalls, lush vegetation nearby and snow-cap mountains far away as its background. Standing beside the river, visitors can view the grand and charming spectacle of the snow mountain.

the white water terraces of white water river

White Water River Facts 

-Chinese name: 白水河

-Location: Near the Spruce Meadow of Jade Dragon Mountain

-Time needed: 2-3 hours

-Entrance Fee: CNY130 for entering the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area, it also covers the entrance fee of White Water River

-Opening Hours: 08:00-16:00

-Best Time: May-June

Best Time to Visit White Water River

The best visiting season is summer and autumn, respectively from June to July and September to November. Visitors can appreciate the scenery along the bank either by foot or by riding a horse. Come to White Water River to feel a little cool if your travel Lijiang during summer. While, please avoid direct sunlight during your Lijiang tour

the white yaks at white water river

What to See at White Water River

After leaving Dry Sea Meadow, continue to go northward for about 5 kilometers and turn around, you will see a river that flow out from the Jade Dragon snow mountain, this is the White Water River. The beautiful White Water River is also known as Milk River. Its natural wonders such as unfathomable caves, azaleas all over the mountains, natural Longkou waterfall are fascinating, tourists who pass by here are enjoy the scenery so much as to forget to leave.

The Blue Moon Valley is the former White Water River scenic spot. It was called blue valley because the color of the water turns to blue on a sunny day, and the valley is crescent shaped. From afar, it looks like a blue moon inlaid at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain, so it is called Blue Moon Valley later. The water in the Blue Moon Valley was blocked by the mountain in the process of flowing, four large lakes are formed in the blue moon valley. Their names are full of poetic like the Blue Moon Valley, there are Jadelike Wine, Mirror Pool Lake, Blue Moon Lake and Listen to the Wave Lake. Due to the different seasons, angles and lights, their colors are also different. In fact, the Blue Moon Valley was just a place for tourists to have a rest on the way to Spruce Meadow or Yak Meadow, not a scenic spot. Later, a small waterfall was built near the viewing bridge of White Water River, the beautiful scenery attracted many tourists, so it gradually became a scenic spot.

the blue moon valley nearby the white water river

How to Get to White Water River

Bus: From Lijiang to White Water River, visitors can take a bus from Yuhe Parking Lot, Southern Gate Parking Lot, or at the Gate of Shuhe Old Town. The bus leaves for the Snow Mountain at 9:00 am and returns at 17:00. The bus ticket cost is CNY40 per person.

Private car: Visitors can take taxi or minivan to Snow Mountain, the cost is around CNY200-300 for a round trip. Upon arrival, you can walk to White Water River. In addition, Easy Tour China can arrange private Lijiang trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain which will be more comfortable and convenient.

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