White Water River

white water riverWhite Water River lies approximately 25 kilometers to the north of Lijiang, about 5 kilometers north of the Dry Sea Meadow. It was formed by runoff from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and surrounded by mountains. Baishuihe literally means White Water River in Chinese, which might give visitors the impression of crystal clear river water. It really deserves the name as the water that flows in the river is extremely clean as the water has gone through uncountable gravel and stones which turn into the natural filter of the water when the water flows. However, the main reason why the river looks white in color and got its name is for the riverbed which is formed by pieces of white sedimentary rocks has also. Visitors can even see the riverbed from above as the water of the river is 100% out of any pollutants.

Ice-water, melted into springs from snow-cap Mountains, runs into the White Water River, consisting of its main source of water. Thus, water in this river is extremely cold that most of the people cannot bear the coldness to swim in the river. Even in summer, people can not bear the piercing cold when they are barefoot in it. White Water River gives people a magnificent and miraculous impression for its cascading waterfalls, lush vegetation nearby and snow-cap mountains far away as its background. Standing beside the river, visitors can view the grand and charming spectacle of the snow mountain.

The best visiting season is summer and autumn, respectively from June to July and September to November. Visitors can appreciate the scenery along the bank either by foot or by riding a horse.

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