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Jinnuo Mountain   

Pu'er Tea PlantsJinnuo Mountain is one of six mountain hills of Pu'er Tea; it is located 42 km in the east from Menglun Mengla County and 20 km in the west from Meng Yang town. With over 18,000 diligent and brave Jinuo people reside here, it is supposed to be an actual Jinuo village where just the top portion of the mountain is converted into an educational tourist destination for the tribe.

Jinuo Mountain is a tropical mountainous area which enjoys a warm climate and ample rainfall. Surrounded by forest, it is a national nature reserve with unique tropical rainforest sights. Many villous amomum fruits and tea plants are planted on Jinuo Mountain. You can fall across various animals and hear the singing of birds when traveling in the mountain. Highways, as thoroughfares, driving on winding asphalt road surface like insects crawling along.

The mountain villages are built on the top of the mountain or at half mountainside. Jinuo people live in the unique bamboo building that looks like a Kongming hat. They believe in primitive religion. They worship the Sun and have their costumes and Bags Embroidered with the Patterns of the Sun. The Sun Drum is their most important Religious tool and the Sun Drum Dance is their Unique Dance.

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