Qinghai Provincial Museum

Qinghai Provincial Museum is a national AAAA tourist attraction. Located in 58 Xiguan Street, Chengxi district in Xining City, the museum is a humanity scenic spot. Covering an area of 17,000 square meters with the construction area of 20,800 square meters, it is a magnificent Tang style simulation building with 9 halls and an exhibition area of 9,146 square meters.

Since the day of its establishment, Qinghai Provincial Museum has applied itself to the collection and research of the local relics of history, nationality, folkways and religion. At present, all kinds of cultural relics in Qinghai Provincial Museum have reached more than 47,000 pieces. The cultural relics reflect the general views of development in different historical period of Qinghai. They are all displayed in different kinds of specific hall according to its own systems. Some of the important collections in the museum are the chipped stone tools from the Paleolithic Age, the pottery wares and the bronze wares from the Neolithic Age and the Bronze Age, the bronze mirror, the bronze warrior and inscriptions from the Han and the Tang Dynasties, the paper money and stone statues from the Yuan Dynasty, the porcelains and paintings from the Ming and the Qing Dynasties. The Lovely Qinghai Exhibition fully displays the unique landscapes of Qinghai in the form of photos, assisted by animal samples and mineral samples as well as modern audio and electrical equipments. The rich natural resources such as oil and natural gas are well displayed in the exhibition. All these items show the glorious achievements and the great development potential in the field of industry, agriculture and grassland farming of Qinghai after the implementing of the Opening Up policy.

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