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Lying in the eastern part of Qinghai-Tibet plateau, Xining is one of the major gateways to the Tibetan Plateau and an essential city on the Ancient Silk Road. Xining is an ancient highland city on the Yellow River which offers many scenic spots, historical sites as well as minority flavors of northwest China.

Xining has cool summer and pleasant autumn, explore the famed Qinghai Lake and see the flocks of different birds there; never miss Ta’er Monastery and Tibet Medicine Culture Museum, which will leave you the first impression of Tibetan culture; stick around Qinghai Provincial Museum and Qinghai Folk Art Museum to explore the history and minority culture; call at Dongguan Mosque to the local lifestyle of Hui people; walk to Riyue Mountain to listen to the story of princess Wencheng of Tang dynasty married far away to Tibet… >> Read more about Xining history, facts, getting around, etc.

Easy Tour China offers considerable Xining tours to content your desire to explore whatever Silk Road, history and ethnic culture or natural landscape. On your Xining trip, you and enjoy the classic scenery of northwest China that is literally different from the other parts of China. It can also be a gateway to Tibetan culture. Tell us your preference, and we will make a best travel program for you!

Suggested Private Xining Tour Packages

Take your time in this marvelous plateau city to find out the secret of mystery northwestern China. You will indulge into the handsome mountains, vast prairie and lovely lake; catch the sense of lifestyle of herdsmen and Buddhist… Let’s start your magical and amazing Xining holiday!

  • 1 Days
    One Day Xining Tour

    Xining, with a history of 2,100 years, was once an important stop on the ancient Silk Road. Explore its former greatness in a 1

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  • 3 Days
    Xining Highlights Tour

    This 3-day Xining tour presents the natural and historical attractions in a deeper way, from picturesque scenery of Qinghai Lak

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Xining

As Xining is the entrance of going to mystery Tibet, and an important hub along Silk Road, you can easily start a West China tour from here. Take train to Lhasa and down to Chengdu and Lijiang, discovery various minority cultures; camel ride in the desert and extend your adventure to Urumqi, Turpan and the Silk Road, you will marvel at the awesome scene…

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Top Experiences & Attractions in Xining

  • First built in 1379, the Dongguan Mosque is located at Dongguan Street, and it was rebuilt in 1946. Since the founding of new China in 1949, the mosque has been revamped several ti...
  • Located 150 km west of Xining, Qinghai Lake is the largest lake in China. It is a salt lake at 3,205 m (10,515 feet) above sea level in a depression of the Tibetan Plateau. Nearly ...
  • Located 28km southwest of Xining city, Ta'er Monastery is one the six great lamaseries of the Yellow Hat Sect (Gelugpa) of Tibetan Buddhism. Also called Kumbum in Tibetan language,...
  • Since the day of its establishment, Qinghai Provincial Museum has applied itself to the collection and research of the local relics of history, nationality, folkways and religion. ...
  • The public can view the perspective of civilization light of the remote Tibet Plateau through the historical debris in the exhibiting hall of museum. Tibet Medicine Culture Museum ...
  • The second yard, also called the main yard, is the place where MaBuFang was living and working. Used to be the political and military center, the main yard contains the habitable r...

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