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Xian Food and Restaurants

Txian dumplingsraditionally decorated Chinese restaurants are a wonder to behold in Xian, and are a welcome break from modern yet sterile Chinese restaurants back home.

Yangrou Paomo is a tasty xi'an specialty that consists of a mutton soup served with wheat flour flat bread. The hard bread is broken up and added to the soup. Then the mixture is eaten along with pickled garlic cloves. It makes for a hearty, filling meal that is not very expensive. This xi'an specialty can be found at several restaurants that have become famous for their delicious Yangrou paomo, as well as a small "mom and pop" restaurants throughout Xi'an. Xiguan Beef and Lamb Paomo Restaurant, Tong Sheng Xiang Beef and Lamb Paomo Restaurant, and Chunfasheng Paomo Restaurant are all good places to go for this tasty meal.

Yet another interesting culinary experience in Xi'an is the Xi'an Dumpling banquet. This was first started in 1984 by the Xi'an Dumpling Feast Restaurant on Jiefang Road, offers up to 108 different kinds of Chinese dumplings ( Jiaozi ). Now the most popular restaurant for this is De Fa Chang Restaurant.
Well-known Xian restaurants:

De Fa Chang Restaurant
Dong Da Street , Xi'an , Shaanxi
Tel: 029-7274334
Tong Sheng Xiang Restaurant
Zhong Gu Lou Plaza , Xian
Tel: 029-87217521
Xi'an Restaurant
No.298, Dong Da Street , Xi'an , Shaanxi
Tel: 029-7216262
Xi'an Hua Zheng Food Dining and Drinking Co. Ltd.
No.6, Fenxiang, South Street , Xi'an , Shaanxi
Tel: 029-7251146

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