Xian Weather & Climate

Situated in the middle of China, Xi'an is divided into the warm temperate zone, has a sub-humid continental monsoon climate with clearly defined seasonal changes. It is far from the sea, does not encounter typhoons, is not close to the inland, there is no obvious drought and sand. You can have different weather experiences in different seasons. The annual temperature of Xi'an is 13℃, with the high being about 39℃. The average rain fall is 580 millimeters.

Average High (°F)Average High (°C)Average Low (°F)Average Low (C)Rain (in)Rain (mm)

What Is the Best Time to Visit Xian?

Xi'an is a cultural tourism destination, which can be said to be suitable for tourism all year round. However, considering the weather, the best time to visit Xian is from March to June, warm spring with pleasant climate, and September to October with beautiful autumn and various fruits.

As the temperature increases in spring, the frequency of rain will increase. But mostly is the drizzle that accompanies the sunshine, come and pass quickly, more is sunny and cloudy still, suitable for outdoor activities.

From June to August, you can feel distinct heat in summer. Most days are sunny, the heat makes the air dry and the locals are reluctant to stay outside much. But there is often rain as well, and it rains continuously and heavily. It usually rains for a few days and the sun shines for a few days. We recommend visiting indoor programs like Shaanxi History Museum, Forest of Stone Stele Museum, etc. if you are in Xian in summer, cool and avoid raining.

Autumn is cool, and mild, the temperature is pleasant during the day, but drops quickly at night, there is a large temperature difference between day and night, it is acceptable to stay indoors or keep moving at night.

Xian’s winter is cold, but it’s better than Beijing, Dunhuang, Harbin these northern cities. Less rain but a bit windy and foggy. Sometimes snow and it’s not big snow. If you visit Xian in winter, two biggest benefits are that there are fewer people and lower prices. Hike in Mount Huashan is okay.

When is the Rainy Season in Xian?

Rainy season is mainly ranging from July to September. There are two obvious precipitation peaks in July and September. The average annual precipitation in Xian is 558 - 750 mm, increasing from north to south. It varies from year to year. After several days of hot sun and clear sky, it is indicated that there will be some heavy rain coming soon. They usually break out suddenly at noon and afternoon, and then end. Always preparing an umbrella when you visit Xian in summer is a wise idea.

What Do People Wear?

In spring, a sweater and a jacket or coat will be ok; T-shirt in summer; shirt with a jacket for prepared will be fine in autumn; you can wear warm clothes, sweater and down jacket in winter.

Does Xian Snow?

It snows, but not very often. There's a lot of light snow in the Xian city, and it's basically going to melt the next day. In the suburbs, some places with high altitude or near the north have heavy snow, ski resorts built there. If you want to see the snow covered city walls, we suggest to go to Beijing, if you want to play the snow, suggest to visit Harbin or Urumqi.

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