Dunhuang Food and Restaurants

Deeply influenced by nomadic culture, local cuisine in Dunhuang is featured with wheat flour noodles served with lamb, chicken or beef. BBQ mutton is very popular dish everywhere in the town. And Dunhuang Rang Pizi is another well-known specialty here, which is actually made from pea flour with jelly look. Developed and improved by Zhao Changan (master chef and restaurateur), Dunhuang dishes are recognized as one of the New Eight Cuisines of China. Famous dishes include Camel Hoof on the Silk Road, Stir-fried Hump with Five Shredding, Quick-frying Hump, Three Treasure of Anxi, Fry Oil Cake and Yellow Noodles.

Shazhou Night Market is one of the best places in Dunhuang to try authentic Dunhuang specialties. Virtually all of the very best of Dunhuang's northwestern cuisine can be found here: Saozi Noodle, stuffed bread and even mutton kebabs. In addition, you will also have opportunity to sample Huanghe sweet melons, grapes and Hami melons.

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