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What to See
  • Taipa Village
    Taipa Village

    Taipa Village is where the original community of Taipa Island started from. Being one of the best of Macau attractions, Taipa Village is one of only ...

  • Mount Fortress
    Mount Fortress

    Mount Fortress was once the historical military centre of Macau. Covering an area of 10,000 square meters, in the shape of a trapezoid, Mount Fortre ...

  • Guia Fortress
    Guia Fortress

    Positioned on the top of Guia Hill, the highest of the seven hills of Macau, the Guia Fortress is a historical military fort, chapel, and lighthouse ...

  • Largo de Senada(Senate Square)
    Largo de Senada(Senate Square)

    Enclosed by the buildings of the Leal Senado, the General Post Office, and St. Dominic’s Church, Largo de Senada is a paved area in the centre of M ...

  • Maritime Museum
    Maritime Museum

    Macau Maritime Museum is housed on a three story building located near the shores where the Portuguese voyages emerged in 1553. It is also close to ...

  • Fishermen's Wharf
    Fishermen's Wharf

    Located in the Macau Peninsula, near the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier, Macau Fishermen’s Wharf is the first theme park as well as a shopping center i ...

  • Macau Tower
    Macau Tower

    Macau Tower, also known as Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre, is located on the southern part of the Macau peninsula. For views of the ...

  • Casa de Lou Kau
    Casa de Lou Kau

    Casa de Lou Kau, a two-storey grey brick house, is one of the very few Xiguan-style mansions still standing in Macau, and a prime example of the mix ...

  • Grand Prix Museum
    Grand Prix Museum

    The Grand Prix Museum is a motor racing museum in Macau. The objective of the museum is not only to remember and to document the great moments in Gr ...

  • Temple of Kun Iam Tong
    Temple of Kun Iam Tong

    This Buddhist temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy was founded in the 13th century and the present buildings date from 1627. It is one of the bi ...

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