Xian Tang Dynasty Show

Xian Tang Dynasty Show is an ancient Chinese music and dance show created by a number of famous artists who continuously study the history, music rhythm and the dance art essence in Tang Dynasty. The live accompaniment of the classical folk orchestra, accompanied by poetry reciting in ancient Chinese, combines the music played with bell, drum, Chinese lyre and Zither, and the beautiful singing and elegant dancing, perfectly showcases the artistic concept of "Sui and Tang Dynasty Rhyme", and offers a truly rare opportunity to appreciate the wonderful Tang Dynasty music and dance art dating more than one thousand years ago.


- In Chinese: 唐乐宫的仿唐乐舞 (唐歌舞)

- The Tang Dynasty Venue Address: No.75 Chang’an Road, Beilin District, Xian

- Dinner Time: 18:00-19:30 (or 18:50-20:10)

- Show time: 20:00-21:10 (or 20:30-21:40)

(The performance time and dinner time shall be subject to the public notice of the scenic spot on each day. If more than one show is held on the same day, the time is subject to the booking notice.)

- Ticket price:

A-ticket (Tang Dynasty Show and Banquet): RMB500 yuan per adult and RMB250 yuan for each child under 12 years old.

B-ticket (Tang Dynasty Music & Dance Show, without dinner banquet): RMB220 yuan per person.

Tang Dynasty Show

Highlights of Xian Tang Dynasty Show

The whole show consists of 8 performances, including Hooray to the Emperor (万岁乐), White Linen Dance (白紵舞), Da Nuo (大傩), Rainbow and Feather Garment Dance (霓裳羽衣舞), the King of Qin Breaking Through the Battle Line Dance (秦王破阵舞), Spring Outing (游春图), Orioles Twittering in Spring (春莺啭), the Feet-Stomping Song (踏歌).

Hooray to the Emperor

This episode depicts the emperor in the court, worshiped by the officials, with ten thousand ceremonial staff. Inside and outside the palace, the bells and drums were ringing, and the officials shout, “Hooray, hooray, hooray.” This grand, exquisite and magnificent music, with the Chinese drum of the mighty sound and chime bell, the stone of the sound of alternating variations, is a masterpiece of court charm.

White Linen Dance

It was recorded as far back as the Jin dynasty (265-316 AD) and reached its heyday in the Tang Dynasty.The dancers' long sleeves are sewn with white hemp. When dancing, the long sleeves are swaying and graceful, just like the colorful clouds chasing the moon.

Da Nuo

It was a popular sacrificial dance in the Tang Dynasty, created by a king. The music is ethereal and mysterious, while the dancers are wearing mythical creature masks, holding a shield, brandishing a long whip, to dispel the epidemic and evil and pray for peace.

Rainbow and Feather Garment Dance

One of the most famous and representative music and dance in the Tang Dynasty, Rainbow and Feather Garment Dance was, according to the legends, created by Emperor Xuanzong, who was good at music and rhythm, after he sleepwalked in the moon palace and saw the fairies wearing beautiful costumes like colorful clouds singing romantic songs in the palace. Later, his beloved concubine Yang Yuhuan choreographed this famous dance according to the music.

The King of Qin Breaking Through the Battle Line Dance

It is the most representative vigorous dance in the Tang Dynasty. It comes from the army and artistically represents the war life and the military thoughts of Emperor Taizong.

Spring Outing

This episode of music uses Pipa, Ruan (a plucked stringed instrument), and zither and other plucked instruments, with the lovely singing, depicts the scene that the dignitaries, scholars and scholars of Tang Dynasty go outing in the early spring.

Tang Dynasty music and dance show

Orioles Twittering in Spring

Orioles Twittering in Spring is performed by China national first class performer, the Chinese music master Gaoming with the long-lost Chinese panpipes. It is unique in China.

Feet-Stomping Song

The steps are the rhythm. The performers enjoy singing and dancing together, with hand sleeves linked. The music and dance style changes, fully reproducing the Tang Dynasty national fusion and the prosperity of the world.

Tang Dynasty Palace Banquet

The Tang Dynasty Show dinner is arranged at the first-floor restaurant. It is the only large-scale imitation of the Tang Dynasty dinner party in China. Visitors can savor up the famous Tang Dynasty dishes, with royal snack and tea.

How to Get to the Tang Dynasty Palace

Take metro line 2, city bus No.215, No.36, No.600, No.323 at the nearest station and get off at Caochangpo Station.

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