Xixi National Wetland Park

xixi national wetland parkWith a more than 1,800 years of history, Xixi National Wetland Park is the first and only national wetland park in China. Situated in the western part of Hangzhou, less than 5km from West Lake, Xixi National Wetland Park combines urban wetland, farming wetland and cultural wetland with abundant ecological resources, beautiful natural scenes and rich cultural heritages. It covers an area of 10.08 square kilometers, among which 3.46 kilometers areas are open to public.

In Chinese, the three words fu, lu and shou have the meaning of fortune, prosperity and longevity. The three causeways in Xixi are Causeway Fu, Causeway Lu and Causeway Shou. Causeway Fu is 2,300 meters in length and 7 meters in width. It stretches through the park from south to north. Causeway Lu is 1,600 meters long and 7 meters wide. It stretches through the core reserve area from west to east. Causeway Shou is 3,600 meters long and 4.5 meters with, it is the longest one in the three. In addition to these three causeways, there are ten sights, including Qiuxue Hut, the best scenery of Xixi and the sight that can be reached by boat only; Water Mirroring Red Persimmons; Exhibition of Dragon Boat Culture; Lotus Flower Eco-Reserve Area, the main area for bird-watching; Charm of Hong's Villa, the living place of the Hongs, which fostered a group of celebrities; Boat-rowing in the Moonlight, Fog and Water Fishing Village, a tourist center when one can enjoy local delicacies; Xixi Plum Villa, home to more plum trees and famed for its plum blossoms; Gao's Villa, and Music Appreciation in Hezhu.

Xixi National Wetland Park clearly represents a unique and unrivalled recreation and education experience. There are many unique cultural aspects in Xixi, including the persimmon and plum festivals, the dragon boats, the silk industry, boat born martial arts and the prestige of being the birthplace of the famous ShaoXin opera. Tourists can watch the dragon boat contest and experience the 5,000 year old dragon boat culture in traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

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