Ancient City Ruins of Han Dynasty

The excavation of the ruins of Min Yue Royal Capital opens a glorious page of Wuyishan`s history. Covering an area of 480,000 square meters, Chengcun Ancient City in Han Dynasty Scenic Area is located 1 kilometer away from Chengcun Village, Xingtian Town, Wuyishan City.

As a national key cultural relic’s protection unit, the ancient Han Dynasty city of Chengcun is protected by the state. It is the best preserved and intact ancient city ruins in the Western Han Dynasty. More than 4000 years ago, the ancient Min Yue people labored and lived in south of the Yangtze River. Gradually, the “ancient Min Yue” culture in the remote southeastern China and the subsequent culture of the “Min Yue Nationality” are formed. More and more historical relics are found in this area.

The Ruins of Ancient City in Han Dynasty is in the shape of a rectangle. Built along the mountain, the walls are 4-8 meters high. Three accesses can be found in the eastern wall and western wall, which were city gates in ancient times. Outside the city wall,

there is a trench protecting the city. Many imperial palaces, buildings, battalions, residential areas, places for iron smelting and pottery making and tombs have been excavated. The drainage system in the ancient city took advantage of natural slopes and ditches, and rain and sewage were drained separately. The remained boat-shaped coffins suspended from cliffs reveal the peculiar funeral customs of the ancient Min Yue people. They are the most valuable materials for the study of the history in the pre-Qin period and the vanished ancient Min Yue Nationality`s culture

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