Steamed Bun – China’s Most Popular Breakfast

A very old Chinese wheaten food, steamed bun (baozi, 包子) was invented by the scholar and military strategist Zhuge Liang over 1800 years ago during the legendary Three Kingdom Period.

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Today, steamed buns can be seen all over China, and usually purchased for take-away. They are placed neatly in the steamer or bamboo utensils and giving up sweet fragrance of food while engulfed in steam. Many consider steamed bun a masterpiece of Chinese gourmet art, while almost all people find it an excellent breakfast.

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Chinese steamed bun is a fermented food that can be filled with pork, beef, lamb meat, yolk, candy, bean paste or various vegetables, and may be made in small cage package, or in big size and served individually.

Chinese steamed stuffed bun

Top 10 steamed bun types in China include Goubuli baozi from Tianjin, baked baozi from Xinjiang, Nanxiang Xiaolongbao from Shanghai, soup dumpling (guantang baozi) from Kaifeng Henan Province, Shengjian mantou from Shanghai, steamed creamy custard bun (naihuang baozi) from Canton, Qingfeng baozi from Beijing, Fried bun (shuijianbao) from Shandong Province, Cha siu bao fromGuangdong, and Doushabao (sweet bean paste baozi).  

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