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Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province, is a beautiful city featuring a great number of European-style houses and the amalgamation of Chinese and foreign cultures. Every year the ice period lasts about 190 days in Harbin, hence it is known as the Ice City.

The annually-held International Ice and Snow Festival is the greatest draw for tourists. Whatever your interest, whether it be finding the best skiing, going dog sledding, snowmobile driving, enjoying ice sculptures, or making adventure, you’ll find it here in the icy city - Harbin. Below we offer some winter packages that are eager to cater to you.
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Winter in Harbin is a joyous time of fun. During the 3-day winter trip, see the huge Manchurian tigers in Siberian Tiger Park, stun at the snow sculptures in Ice and Snow World, and admire famous Sa ...
Take the 4-day well-designed Harbin & China Snow Town trip to enjoy an unforgettable experience in winter!
This 5-day winter trip provides great opportunity to explore the charming snow culture in Harbin. Aside from adventuring in the Siberian Tiger Park, enjoy the vivid snow sculptures in Ice and Snow W ...

Harbin Hotels More

  • Shangri-La Hotel Harbin
    Shangri-La Hotel Harbin

    Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin is a stylish, contemporary international hotel in a city famous for its charming European architecture and events such as t ...

  • Bremen Holiday Harbin
    Bremen Holiday Harbin

    Established in 2000, and newly decorated in 2010, this European-style business hotel is close to Central Street, which makes guests enjoy convenient ...

  • Gfour Holiday Hotel Harbin
    Gfour Holiday Hotel Harbin

    Opened in 2009, the Gfour Holiday Hotel is situated in the Daoli District of Harbin, within walking distance of Zhaolin Park, Saint Sophia Cathedral ...

  • Harbin Ibis Hotel
    Harbin Ibis Hotel

    The first international economy hotel in Harbin, Ibis Harbin Shangzhi boasts modern design, great facilities and a key location close to Harbin attr ...

  • Holiday Inn City Center Harbin
    Holiday Inn City Center Harbin

    Holiday Inn City Centre Harbin is centrally located in the main business and leisure area of Daoli District, just off Central Street, offering disce ...

  • Jingu Hotel Harbin
    Jingu Hotel  Harbin

    The Harbin Jingu hotel is an international 4-star luxury business hotel with ISO-9002 Quality distinction. It is situated on Zhong Yang Avenue, next ...

  • Modern Hotel Harbin
    Modern Hotel Harbin

    The Modern Hotel is a 4-star hotel for inland guests and foreign visitors in Harbin, belonging to the Friendship Tourist Hotel Group. The Modern Hot ...

  • Sofitel Wanda Harbin
    Sofitel Wanda Harbin

    In the heart of the business district, Sofitel Wanda Harbin brings the latest trends in hotel design to Harbin and sets a new standard in combining ...

Harbin Attractions More

  • Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
    Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

    With a 190-day freezing season, the northeastern city of Harbin is known as a "City of Ice" and a cradle of the ice-and-snow culture in the world. T ...

  • St. Sophia Church
    St. Sophia Church

    St. Sophia Church of Harbin is the largest Orthodox church in Far East. Located at 95 Toulong Street of Daoli District, it was first built in March ...

  • Siberian Tiger Park
    Siberian Tiger Park

    To protect the endangered Siberian tigers in China and make more scientific studies, Helongjian Siberian Tiger Park was established in 1996.The park ...

  • Yabuli international Ski Resort
    Yabuli international Ski Resort

    Located 190km southeast of Harbin, Yabuli International Ski Resort is the largest and best ski resort in China right now. The highest altitude is 13 ...

  • Sun Island Scenic Area
    Sun Island Scenic Area

    In the early eighties, the song of the Beautiful Sun Island, sung by famous singer, displayed the taste of the Sun Island. From then on, Sun Island ...

  • Zhongyang Pedestrian Street
    Zhongyang Pedestrian Street

    Being a rare architectural art corridor as well as one of the longest and biggest pedestrian streets in Asia today, Zhongyang Pedestrian Street has ...

  • Harbin Polarland (Pole Aquaruim)
    Harbin Polarland (Pole Aquaruim)

    Harbin Polar land is the first professional polar land themed park combining animal shows, polar land sights and an interactive experience into one ...

  • Zhaolin Park
    Zhaolin Park

    Covering an area of 70,000 square meters, Zhaolin Park lies at the bank of Songhua River, and the northern end of Zhaolin Street in Daoli District, ...

Harbin | Food & Restaurants More

Harbin boasts colorful culinary cultures. The city not only inherits the traditional cuisine of nomadic Manchurian style dating back to more than 1000 years, but also develops and learns from the mixture of cultures, which made the Cuisine of Harbin have its unique features.To survive in the freezing days, the local people get used to eating the frozen or raw dishes to get more vitamins since long time ago. Another feature of local dish is that they prefer to stew all the materials in one pot including meat, vegetables and mushrooms. Comparatively the ... More

Harbin | Weather & Climate More

Harbin is infamous for its very cold winters - it is at the same latitude as Montreal, and winter temperatures as low as -38.1°C have been recorded. Harbin can be a great place to visit in the summer. The average temperature of hottest August is about 23.2 degree Celsius. The weather is cool and it seems to be perpetually breezy, and most of Harbin's streets are lined with trees. The annual precipitation is around 462mm.  Jan ... More

Harbin Travel Tips More

Nicknamed "Ice City", Harbin is known as the top winter destination in the world. It boasts International Ice and Snow Festival, Ice Lantern Festival, and various culture & winter activities, like skiing China-Yabuli Ski Resort. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you travel in Harbin in winter, hope they are helpful.Best time to HarbinThe best time to enjoy ice, snow and the wonderful winter activities is from December to February of the next year.Body Health & Safety1. The winter temperature of Harbin is very low. So please dress in laye ... More

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