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What to See
  • Turpan Desert Botanical Garden
    Turpan Desert Botanical Garden

    10 km southeast from the center of Turpan, Turpan Desert Botanical Garden is situated on the ventral portion of Turpan Basin. Established in 1976, i ...

  • Ayding Lake
    Ayding Lake

    Located in the Turpan Depression, 50 kilometers from Turpan City in the south, Ayding Lake is a dry lake which used to be a scenic spot with a salt ...

  • Jiaohe Ancient Town
    Jiaohe Ancient Town

    Jiaohe Ancient Town is an island-shaped plateau situated at Yar Town, 13 km west of Turpan City. It looks just like a small island in the middle of ...

  • Turpan Museum
    Turpan Museum

    Turpan Museum is located on the road to Gaochang Turpan City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Completed in 1990, this museum is the second largest ...

  • Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves
    Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves

    Located at northwestern side of the Flaming Mountain - 45 km from Turpan, the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves are complex of Buddhist cave grottos da ...

  • Astana Ancient Tombs
    Astana Ancient Tombs

    Situated 42 km southeast of Turpan (6 km to Gaochang), the graves are the cemetery of the ancient Gaochang residents. 456 tombs have been excavated ...

  • Karez Irrigation System
    Karez Irrigation System

    Karez Irrigation System was created by ancient Uygur people at the second half of 18th century. It can mainly be found in the area of Turpan, Hami a ...

  • Gaochang Ruins
    Gaochang Ruins

    Situated 45 km east of Turpan, Gaochang Ruins was the capital city of ancient Uygur kingdom. First built in the first century BC of Han Dynasty, the ...

  • Grape Valley
    Grape Valley

    Nestled in the Flaming Mountain, 10 km northeast of Turpan, the Grape Valley runs 8 km from north to south at a width of 0.6-2 km. In the green vall ...

  • Flaming Mountain
    Flaming Mountain

    Flaming Mountain was made well know in Chinese literature by the classic novel Journey to the West. The story is about the monk Xuan Zang and his 3 ...

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