Guizhou Gourmet Tour: Must-have Local Dishes and Snacks

Guizhou cuisine, also named Qian cuisine, is a nice combination of Guiyang cuisine, Qianbei (North Guizhou) cuisine and the classic part of Chinese ethnic cuisine. Guizhou cuisine is of spicy and sour flavor and features comprehensive culinary arts and skills. If you are a foodie, and travelling around Guizhou, make sure you have tried the best-known local food.  

Recommended China Culinary Tour

Spicy diced chicken with peanuts (宫保鸡丁)

Guizhou food

Spare ribs steamed with straw (稻香排骨)

Guizhou cuisine

Griddle Cooked Chicken with Pepper (干锅鸡)

trip to Guizhou China

Fish in sour soup (酸汤鱼)

Chinese food

Si wa wa (丝娃娃)

Millet dessert (小米喳)

Chitterlings & pig-blood noodles (肠旺面)

china gourmet tour

Beef rice noodles (牛肉粉)

China Culinary Tour

Toufu Balls (豆腐圆子)

Bean paste pancake (豆沙窝)

Vegetarian noodles / rice noodles (素面/素粉)

Chinese noodles

Potato pancake (洋芋耙)

Chinese food tour

Guiyang glutinous rice (糯米饭)

what to eat in China

Fried shredded toufu (手撕豆腐)

chinese toufu

Burning noodles (燃面)

shredded chicken& tofu pudding noodles (鸡丝豆花面) 

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