Forest of Stele Museum

forest of stele museumEstablished in 1090 during the Northern Song Dynasty, the Stele Forest in Xian is known worldwide for a fine collection of more than 1,000 inscribed stone monuments engraved during the period from the Han to the Qing dynasties for more than 2,000 years.

The Stele Forest in Xian is not only a treasure house of ancient Chinese calligraphy, but also a rich collection of China's historical documents and records and stone carving patterns. These steles record a part of the great achievements of the Chinese culture and a testimony to the cultural exchanges between China and other parts of the world.

The museum, which used to be a holy temple of Confucius, is now a tranquil place in typical Chinese style. The stone tablets, which ages range from 4,000 years to the 20th century, were collected over the past 900 years from all over China. For archaeologists, steles are reliable storytellers. With nearly 10,000 pieces in the collection, the museum is like an encyclopedia of ancient China.

Many people accredit the Forest of Steles as the "Cradle of Calligraphy" and "Birthplace of Stele Engravings".

ancient bellstone with calligraphystone pillar

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