Beijing Food Tour: 33 Must-try Traditional Snacks

When you think of foods to eat in Beijing, you think Peking duck or Kung Pao Chicken. However, there are like a hundred traditional snacks to try, each with a unique taste and a special story. Old Beijing snacks involve Manchu royal snacks of various dim sum, halal snacks mostly made of mutton or beef and traditional Han snacks with bud-stimulating flavor.   

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Manchu royal snacks

China food tour

 Beijing foodie tour what to eat in Beijing 

Lv da gun ( Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour) – 驴打滚

Stir fried hawthorn – 炒红果

French bean rolls – 芸豆卷

Sachima (a kind of candied fritter) -萨其马

Old Beijing Cheese – 老北京奶酪

Sesame Cake with Minced Pork – 肉末烧饼

Walnut cheese – 核桃酪

Halal snacks

Beijing foods Beijing snacks


Pea flour cake – 豌豆黄

Aiwowo (Steamed Rice Cakes with Sweet Stuffing) – 艾窝窝

cooked tripe of sheep or swine – 爆肚

Douzhi (a fermented drink made from ground beans) with jiao quan – 豆汁和焦圈

Crisp Thin Fritter Twist – 排叉

Fried dough drops – 炒疙瘩

Tang juan guo (Sugar fruit rolls) – 糖卷果

Han snacks

top Beijing snacks most popular Old Beijing foods

 traditional Beijing foods  Old Beijing snacks

Baked wheaten cake with sugar – 糖火烧

sugar-coated haws on a stick – 冰糖葫芦

Dalian huo shao – 褡裢火烧

Fried butter cake – 奶油炸糕

Kai kou xiao (fried stuffed bun with sugar) – 开口笑

Zha jiang mian (noodles with soybean paste) – 炸酱面

Fried enema – 炸灌肠

Spiced boiled huo shao – 卤煮火烧

Tofu with Chilled Almond – 杏仁豆腐

Frogs spit honey (Bean stuffing baked wheat cake) – 蛤蟆吐蜜 (豆馅烧饼)

Fried pig's liver of Beijing style – 炒肝

Fried tickle box – 炸咯吱盒

Seasoned millet mush – 面茶

Ma toufu (Fermented Mung Bean Juice Dried) – 麻豆腐

Hu ta zi (old Beijing style pancake) – 糊塌子

Buckwheat cake for summer season – 扒糕

Sweet ears (fried sugar cake) – 糖耳朵

Jiemo dun er (mustard Chinese cabbage) – 芥末墩儿

Xiao diao li tang (pear soup for winter season) – 小吊梨汤


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