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What to See
  • Temple of Bliss
    Temple of Bliss

    Constructed in the 1921, the Temple of Bliss went through several changes before reaching its final shape in 1924 and held the consecration ceremony ...

  • Zhaolin Park
    Zhaolin Park

    Covering an area of 70,000 square meters, Zhaolin Park lies at the bank of Songhua River, and the northern end of Zhaolin Street in Daoli District, ...

  • Harbin Polarland (Pole Aquaruim)
    Harbin Polarland (Pole Aquaruim)

    Harbin Polar land is the first professional polar land themed park combining animal shows, polar land sights and an interactive experience into one ...

  • Zhongyang Pedestrian Street
    Zhongyang Pedestrian Street

    Being a rare architectural art corridor as well as one of the longest and biggest pedestrian streets in Asia today, Zhongyang Pedestrian Street has ...

  • Sun Island Scenic Area
    Sun Island Scenic Area

    In the early eighties, the song of the Beautiful Sun Island, sung by famous singer, displayed the taste of the Sun Island. From then on, Sun Island ...

  • Yabuli international Ski Resort
    Yabuli international Ski Resort

    Located 190km southeast of Harbin, Yabuli International Ski Resort is the largest and best ski resort in China right now. The highest altitude is 13 ...

  • Siberian Tiger Park
    Siberian Tiger Park

    To protect the endangered Siberian tigers in China and make more scientific studies, Helongjian Siberian Tiger Park was established in 1996.The park ...

  • St. Sophia Church
    St. Sophia Church

    St. Sophia Church of Harbin is the largest Orthodox church in Far East. Located at 95 Toulong Street of Daoli District, it was first built in March ...

  • Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
    Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

    With a 190-day freezing season, the northeastern city of Harbin is known as a "City of Ice" and a cradle of the ice-and-snow culture in the world. T ...

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