Xin Tian Di

xintiandi barLocated at the City Centre of Shanghai, and only one block south of the prestigious Huai Hai Zhong Road and its Metro station, Xintiandi is an affluent car-free shopping, eating and entertainment district of Shanghai. Covering an area of 30,000 square meters and a gross floor area of 60,000 square meters, Shanghai Xintiandi features a multitude of specialist F&B, retail, entertainment, cultural, recreational, commercial and residential facilities in restored "Shikumen" houses.

Xintiandi means "New Heaven and Earth", and is considered one of the first lifestyle centers in China. The success of the project could have even greater impact as a role model for historical redevelopment not just in China, but across Asia. Considered as “new landmark” of Shanghai - replete with fashionable glamour and modern elegance, Xintiandi aims at providing a platform to nurture Chinese designers and allow them to communicate with world-class international designers. The building represents modern Shanghai history and culture. However, with the development of the city, the formerly glorious Shikumen gradually faded out the historical stage as it could no longer satisfy people's demands of residence.

xintiandi night scenery

Xintiandi is divided into the North and South Blocks by Xingye Road, which is the site of the First Congress Hall of the Chinese Communist Party. In the North Block, antique buildings with their modern interior design, decorations and equipment play host to a dazzling array of restaurants specializing in different countries such as French, American, German, British, Brazilian, Italian, Japanese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong cuisine, which fully revealing the international dimension of Shanghai Xintiandi. As the complex of shopping, entertainment and leisure, the South Block covers 25,000 square meters and opened in the middle of 2002. This glass wall building has a very modern atmosphere. Besides restaurants from all over the world, boutiques, fashionable ornament shops, food courts, cinemas and one-stop fitness centers provide entertainment and leisure facilities

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