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ocean aquariumLocated in Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Pudong District, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in Shanghai and one of the most magnificent and splendid ones in the world with a total area of 20,500 square meters. Adjacent to the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has received more than 1 million visitors every year from within China and all over the world since its opening in February 2002.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium consists of a main building and an annex composing of 9 exhibition zones of all over the world, including China Zone, South America Zone, Australia Zone, Africa Zone, Southeast Asia Zone, Coldwater Zone, Antarctic Zone, Sea and Shore Zone and Ocean Zone. Gathering from 5 continents and 4 oceans, there are more than 450 species of aquatic animals. Each zone in the aquarium is specially designed to recreate the most natural surroundings for our aquatic animals, and also to enable our visitors to experience and admire the uniqueness of every region around the world.

fishesThe basement is the main part of the aquarium where Deep Ocean Zone is located. The submarine viewing tunnel enables visitors to have a wonderful tour here. The routine of the underwater journey includes a 155-meter long underwater tunnel, currently the longest underwater tunnel in the world, starting from the Yangtze River Zone and ending in the Antarctic Zone. Its state-of-the-art facilities boast more than 10,000 sea creatures from all continents: sharks, jellyfish, turtles, lionfish, sea otters, Yangzi sturgeon, and more.

The design concept of SOA is to bring our visitors along an underwater journey that starts from China and continues throughout the major continents and regions of the world. Currently, this is the only aquarium in the world to have a China Zone. This zone specializes in exhibiting aquatic organisms and ecology of the Yangtze valley as well as some endangered aquatic species in China. The Africa, Southeast Asia, Cold Water and Polar Zones and the Sea and Shore exhibit is located in second floor. There are 7 exhibition areas, the VIP hall, science education room and a waterfall in the third floor. It offers a series of educational activities for the ages between 13-18 year old teenagers, to learn the knowledge of the world’s rivers and oceans.

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