Eat Like a Local in Shanghai: 8 Traditional Breakfast Shops

Its cuisine has taken in different food elements from both the East and West, and absorbed all the benefits. But that is not all about dining in Shanghai, as you’re encouraged to try the authentic Shanghai Local Cuisine with the traditional breakfasts, like soybean milk, deep-fried dough sticks, steamed buns…

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Shanghai Flavor Zongzi Wang (上海口味粽王)

Location: 488, Fuxing Zhong Road, Luwan District

Working hours: 8:00AM-18:00PM

The flavors of zongzi are different in North China and South China, however, Shanghainese have a crush on meat zongzi. There are various meat zongzi served in the shop, such as pork meat zongzi with an egg yolk, bean paste zongzi, lard bean paste with bean paste, etc.

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Fat Guy Noodles / Pangzi Noodles (胖子面)

Location: 113, Wenmiao Road, Huangpu District

Working hours: 7:00AM—17:00PM

Hidden in the deep corner of Wenmiao Road, it is a family-fun noodle shop, serving traditional Shanghai noodles with oily but not greasy taste and enough delicious toppings. It will be an unforgettable gourmet experience to have the traditional food at an old street of nostalgic atmosphere.

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Anhua Road Aunt’s Egg Pancake/ Anhua Road Ayi Danbing (安化路阿姨蛋饼摊)

Location: next to No. 947 bus stop, 407 Anhua Road, Changning District

Working hours: morning time

The traditional danbing is increasingly rare in Shanghai, but Aunt’s keeps the traditional wrapper and the specialty sweet sauce, thus has become a classic breakfast in Shanghai

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Ada Fried Baked Scallion Pancake (阿大葱油饼)

Location: the rear door of Nong 2, 159 Maoming Nan Road, Luwan District

Working hours: 5:00AM-14:00PM (close business on Wednesday)

The most famous shop of its kind in Shanghai, it serves traditional scallion pancake of enticing smells of fried scallion.

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Beiwan Xin Steamed Bun Shops (北万新)

Location: 462 Huaihai Zhong Road, Luwan District (close to Chongqing Nan Road)

Working hours: 7:00AM-20:00PM

An old and famous dim-sum restaurant in Shanghai, Beiwan Xin serves delicate steamed buns, in addition to sparerib rice cake, crab shell cake, sticky rice shaomai, etc.

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Jipin Fried Rice Cake (极品粢饭糕)

Location: the entrance of the Nongtang, 428 Guangxi Bei (North) Road, Luwan District (close to Tianjin Road)

Working hours: morning time

The breakfast shop is made up of only a small handcart, but it is very special in Shanghai city center, as a lot of people are queuing for the fried rice cake every single morning.

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Zhangji Deep-fried Dough Sticks (张记油条)

Location: 331 Wuyi Road, Changning District (close to Dingxi Road)

Working hours: Full day

The first choice for people to enjoy the Shanghai traditional breakfast, you can find the vanishing Haipai beancurd jelly and salty & sweet soybean milk, apart from deep-fried dough sticks and dabing.

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Hongyu Fang Guotie (fried dumpling) Shop (宏玉坊锅贴专卖店)

Location: 395 Zhaozhou Road, Huangpu District (at the intersection of Zhaozhou Road and Daji Road)

Working hours: 6:30AM-13:30PM

A family-fun breakfast shop, it is very small with only two tables, and serves wonton and fried bean curd in crock pot, apart from fried dumplings.

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