Tianjin Goubuli Baozi

Goubuli is a famous brand of baozi (buns) from Tianjin. Founded in 1858, it is one of China's longest established brands. Guobuli has the alarming literally translation 'dogs won't touch them' or 'dog doesn't care'.

Goubuli Baozi, Tianjin

Several explanations have been offered for its unusual name; the most popular is that it comes from a childhood nickname of the founder, Gao Gui You. Given to protect Gao from bad luck, his parents nicknamed him Gou Zi, or "Doggy" when he was young. The child grew up to become an accomplished chef whose steamed dumplings were very delicious. His buns were so popular that the customers would have difficulty getting his attention. Thus, there was a joke amongst his customers that Gou zi ignores us, hence the name "Goubuli". Over time, the bun became widely known as "Goubuli Baozi".

Goubuli Restaurant, Tianjin

So, whatever you taste in Tianjin, Goubuli is an essential part of you visit, just like Peking roast duck for Beijing tour.

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