Where to Eat Vegetarian Food in China – Vegan Restaurants in Each City

An old saying goes in China, “to ruler, people are heaven; to people, food is heaven”. China has been a populous country for a long time. You will never be let you down on food in this country, even you are a vegetarian or vegan.

It was estimated that the vegetarian population in China had exceeded 50 million in 2014, and this number is still increasing. More and more Chinese become interested in vegetarian culture and have accepted it that being a vegetarian is beneficial to the body and mind.

China accounted for 39% of the world’s fruits and veg production (2016), and it is becoming one of top fruits importers. Some scholars pointed out that China's vegan/vegetarian market would be expected to grow by more than 17% from 2015 to 2020, which can also indicate that Chinese people's diet is undergoing a huge change.

Vegetarian is getting more and more popular, thus different vegetarian cuisine types even develop and form in China. Here below are some recommended vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly restaurants in major tourist cities of China. It will be very useful if you’re planning on a vegetarian tour to China.

The veg food to eat in China

Recommended vegetarian restaurants in Beijing

Please note that Beijing is a very large city, try to find those restaurants located near your hotel.

Vege Tiger Chain Restaurants

Qianmen Restaurant (Chinese: 素虎前门店)

Add: 1-3, First Floor, Building No. 3, Zhengyang Market, Xi Da Street, Qianmen, Beijing


Tel/电话:010-6301 0212

CBD Restaurant (Chinese: 素虎金融街店)

Add:B1-107, Fenghui Times Mansion, Taipingqiao Avenue, CBD, Beijing


Tel/电话:010-5836 2560

Tianchu Miaoxiang Chain Restaurants

Chaowai Restaurant (天厨妙香素食馆 朝外店)

Add:0260, Second Floor, Building D, Chaoyangmenwai Soho Plaza, Yi 6, Chaoyangmen Wai Avenue, Beijing


Tel/电话:010-5900 1288 / 5900 1088

Fu Hui Ci Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (Chinese: 福慧慈缘素食餐厅)

Add: 53 Donganmen Avenue (back door), or 20 Xila Hutong, Beijing


Tel/电话:010-13041018750 / 18701584854

Su Zhi Restaurant (Chinese: 素直餐厅)

Add: East side, First Floor, Jia 22, Dongsishitiao, Beijing


Tel/电话:010-5218 5148 / 5218 5149

The Veggie Table – western veg food (Chinese: 吃素的西餐)

Add: 19, Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing


Tel/电话:010-6446 2073

Noodles is one of the vegetarain food in China

Recommended vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai

Shanghai is another metropolis in China. There are many vegetarian restaurants in this city.

If Vegan (茹 If vegan)

Add: Third Floor, 408, North Shaanxi Road, Shanghai

地址:上海陕西北路408号3楼 (北京西路和陕西北路交叉口一楼花店进)

Tel/电话:021-6377 6999 / 13127818759

Hui Yuan Vegetarian (Chinese: 慧缘素食)

Add: Room 104, No. 45-49, East Huaihai Road, Shanghai


Tel/电话:021-6135 0795 /19916597894

Super Vegan (Chinese: 非常素餐厅日月光店)

Add: B2 Floor, Sun Moon Light Center, 618, Xu Jia Hui Road, Shanghai


Zao Zi Shu – Vegetarian Lift Style (Chinese: 枣子树南京西路店)

Add: 69, Nanhui Road, Shanghai


Tel/电话:021-6215 7566

Pure and Whole (Chinese: 素宿PURE&WHOLE南京西路店)

Add: First Floor of Shanghai Center, 1376, West Nanjing Road, Shanghai


Tel/电话:021-6289 8316

Veg breakfast to eat in Xian

Recommended vegetarian restaurants in Xian

Tianlong Bao Yan (Chinese: 天龙宝严素食馆)

Add: 1, West Ci En Road, Xian


Tel/电话:029-8526 6880

Shangdao Vegetarian (Chinese: 上道素食)

Add: in Daoist Temple of the Eight Immortals, 12, Beihuo Xiang, Xian


Tel/电话:18629149618 / 18092590406

Pu Su Cha Fang (Chinese: 普素茶房文艺路店)

Add: 138, Jie Xi Jie, Xian


Tel/电话:029-8785 5677

Da Xing Shan Temple Vegetarian (Chinese: 大兴善寺宝严素食坊大兴善寺店)

Add: in Da Xing Shan Buddhist Temple, 55, West Xing Shan Street, Xian


Tel/电话:029-8536 1181

The vegetarain snack to eat in Chengdu

Recommended vegetarian restaurants in Chengdu

Wenshu Buddhist Temple Restaurant (Chinese: 文殊院素斋)

Add: 66, Wen Shu Yuan Jie, Chengdu


Tel/电话:028-8693 0017 / 18349146881

Water Lotus (Chinese: 清水荷花素食餐厅 文殊坊店)

Add: Building 1, 33, Wu Yue Gong Jie, Wenshufang, Chengdu


Tel/电话:028-8692 1839

Zaozi Shu - Jujube Tree (Chinese: 枣子树素餐厅 铂金城店)

Add: 4F, Bojincheng, 27,Qin Long Jie, Chengdu


Tel/电话:028-8628 2848 / 8628 2855

Yu Su Ge (Chinese: 御素阁花园纯素餐厅青年店)

Add: 4th Floor, Shunong Hotel, 67, Qingnian Road, Chengdu

地址:成都青年路67号蜀农大酒店四楼 (九龙广场对面,近盐市口)

Tel/电话:028-6243 3378

Su San Mian (Chinese: 素山面)

Add: 138, Long Wang Miao Zheng Jie, Chengdu


Tel/电话:17781678657/ 18349331913

Recommended vegetarian restaurants in Guilin

Tian Fu Lou (Chinese: 添福楼素食会所)

Add: Building 1, Mulong Lake Scenic Area, 1 Dongzhen Road, Guilin



Nengren Temple restaurant (Chinese: 能仁素食馆)

Add: in Nengren Buddhist Temple, 6, Lijun Road, Guilin



Mood Food Energy Café – Yangshuo (Chinese: N/A)

Add: 8, Furong Road, Yangshuo



Lotus roots is a popular vegetarain food in China

Hong Kong is the most westernized city in China, you will find many veg restaurants at https://www.happycow.net/asia/china/hong_kong/


1. We listed the restaurant names, addresses and contact numbers above, so you can show them to the hotel staff, taxi driver or any Chinese people to help you find out the locations of the restaurants.

2. If you will go to the countryside or remote areas, the locals might not understand what you expect to eat. Possibly from the depth of their hearts, they can never imagine the westerns with a strong physical constitution don’t eat meat or eggs. So if you order dishes at a local non-veg restaurant, you need to make it clear to the restaurant staff, no meat, no fish, no MSG (gourmet powder), rice and vegetables only.

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