Enjoy the Hot & Spicy Food in China

China has long been famed as a treasure-house of flavor and taken credit for excellent spicy food! Many wonder where to go for the distinguished spicy Chinese dishes. Therefore, we come up with a list of 7 “hottest” places in China. They are really worth a gourmet tour, provided you are addicted to world spicy food.   

Take a taste-bud-tingling tour of China’s spiciest cuisines

1. Sichuan & Chongqing 

Hot Pot  

Sichuan province together with Chongqing city is the paradise for food lovers, especially for anyone that likes spicy. There are Chuan restaurants and food streets packed with local dishes and snacks everywhere in Chengdu and Chongqing, all of which are hot and spicy. The most famous Sichuan and Chongqing food include the Hot Pot with red oil, Mapo Toufu (Bean curd with mince and chili oil) and Kungbao Chicken (Spicy diced chicken with peanuts).  

2. Guizhou

Guizhou Spicy Food

Guizhou always reminds people of its overwhelming spicy food. In each family, there is chilli powder, Chopped hot pepper, Dried red pepper and chili with soya especially for noodles and rice noodles. With these Chili ingredients, Guizhou people make all kinds of mouth-watering spicy dishes. They also like sour and hot flavor.  

3. Hunan

Steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers

Hunan cuisine is known as one of China’s eight cuisines, and never lack of chili or pepper. The local dishes are spicy and appetizing. There are Hunan restaurant across the nation favored by spicy food lovers. The steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers and Dong-an chicken claim to be the most famous Hunan dishes.  

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4. Yunnan 

Yunnan Spicy Food

Guess for what? Dehong in the West Yunnan province has the world's hottest pepper variety, named Yunnan Shua Shua La, as hot as the Ghost Pepper in India. Elaborate Yunnan Cuisine pays attention to the use of fresh food and ingredients. When touring Yunnan, make sure to feast on wild mushroom hot pots, Yunnan-style steamed chicken and crossing the bridge rice noodles. 

5. Jiangxi

Jiangxi Spicy Food

Yet this is another province in China that stands out for spicy food. Pingxiang city of Jiangxi province is considered to be the “hottest” city in China. People here put chili in all dishes, even including the porridge and stew. However, people in Jingdezhen (home of Chinese ceramics), nearby Anhui province, prefer less spicy.  

6. Guangxi

Guilin rice noodles

Spicy food is not very popular in Guangxi province, except Liuzhou city, Guilin city (nearby Hunan province) and the area inhabited by Dong people. Liuzhou food is famous for Snail Powder, while Guilin food for Guilin rice noodles and spicy Garlic Chilli Sauce.  

7. Hubei

Hubei Duck Neck

Hubei Cuisine is much less spicy than Chuan cuisine or Guizhou Cuisine, but the Hubei braised food, such as the spiced duck neck (a kind of snack food) has an extra-spicy kick, and is really addicting! 

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