Top 4 Vegan-Friendly Cities in China

China is famed for its food culture and incredibly diverse dining options. However, is it easy to travel in China as a vegan or vegetarian?

The answer is absolutely yes! China is for sure friendly to vegans and surprisingly full of vegan eats. In fact, China has a long history of vegetarianism because of the influence of Buddhist and Taoist diet. Except for the religious practices, more and more people turn to meat-free diet to keep healthy, to be environmentally friendly, and to be of a fashion statement.

Thanks to that, plant-based restaurants offering delicious meals have been popping up everywhere in China. In this post, you’ll discover the best destinations in China for vegans and vegetarians along with some of the best places to try veggie-only meals in each destination.

Warm Note:
Given the COVID-19 pandemic, please call ahead as hours, seating and availability may change, and places may be closed.


Shanghai is a hyper-modern metropolis and China’s financial hub. It’s the most vegan-friendly city in China mainland with a wide variety of vegan restaurants and eateries, from high-end fine dining to down-to-earth Buddhist canteens. And more and more delicious vegetarian restaurants are opening as well. Here are an inspiration of some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai:

If Vegan

This is an all-vegan restaurant serving both Chinese and Western dishes, including Mexican and Italian options like pizza and pasta. Menus are with pictures and English description. English speaking staff is available.

  • Chinese Name: 茹·if vegan
  • Add: 3/F, 408 Shaanxi North Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai
  • Chinese Add: 上海陕西北路408号3楼
  • Tel: +86 21 6377 6999 / +86 13127818759

  • China's Top Vegan-Friendly City Shanghai

    Vegetarian Lifestyle

    Vegearian Life Style is also known as Jujube Tree (a direct translation of its Chinese name) or Zaozi Shu (its Chinese pinyin). It specializes in mock meat dishes made from tofu, seitan, or yam. Menu has English and pictures of dishes. It has become a small chain in Shanghai now.

  • Chinese Name: 枣子树 (Zao Zi Shu)
  • Add: 258 Fengxian Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai
  • Chinese Add: 上海奉贤路258号
  • Tel: +86 21 6215 7566
  • Godly

    Founded in 1922, Godly is the most historical vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai accordingly, serving a wide range of veggie-friendly versions of traditional Chinese dishes and mock meat. Menu in both Chinese and English. Staff can speak some English. The branch on Nanjing West Road is the most popular one.

  • Chinese Name: 功德林 (Gong De Lin)
  • Add: 445 Nanjing West Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
  • Chinese Add: 上海南京西路445号
  • Tel: +86 21 6327 0218

  • China's Top Vegan-Friendly City Shanghai

    Hui Yuan Sushi Fang

    Hui Yuan is a no-frills local vegetarian restaurant with meat-free Shanghainese classics and home-style dishes. Menu has English. NO English speaking staff.

  • Chinese Name: 慧缘素食坊 (Hui Yuan Su Shi Fang)
  • Add: 49 Huaihai East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
  • Chinese Add: 上海淮海东路45-49号104室
  • Tel: +86 21 6135 0795
  • Fu He Hui

    Fu He Hui is a upscale vegetarian fine dining restaurant with vegetarian and vegan cuisine. It does set menus with seasonal ingredients and artful plating. Fu He Hui has held a Michelin star since 2017. Make sure to make reservation in advance.

  • Chinese Name: 福和慧 (Fu He Hui)
  • Add: 1037 Yuyuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
  • Chinese Add: 上海愚园路1037号
  • Tel: +86 21 3980 9188
  • Beijing

    Beijing, the capital and the cultural hub of China, also has a great number of vegetarian and vegan eateries. There is also an vegetarian village called Xianmendong (Fairy Cave) in Changping District. Xianmendong Village has the tradition of eating vegan since ancient times, currently with 9 vegetarian-friendly Nong Jia Le (local farmers owned restaurants owned by local rural residents providing home-cooked meals). Check out some of the top vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Beijing:

    Vege Tiger

    Vege Tiger is a small chain with several branches across Beijing. This one in Qianmen is by far the only branch providing vegan all-you-can-eat buffet with a copious amount of delicious options. Most of the dishes have English translation, but the staff don’t speak English. There are plenty of seating, but the place can get crowded at mealtimes.

  • Chinese Name: 素虎 (Su Hu)
  • Add: 1/F, Building 3, Zhengyang Market, Qianmen West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
  • Chinese Add: 北京前门西大街正阳市场3号楼一层1-3
  • Tel: +86 10 6301 0212

  • China's Top Vegan-Friendly City Beijing

    Tianchu Miaoxiang

    Tianchu Miaoxiang is a well-established meat-free restaurant in Beijing serving an extensive veggie menu at very reasonable prices. Some dishes might be oily. English menu is available, but the staff don’t speak English. They also have a branch in the Tsinghua Science Park.

  • Chinese Name: 天厨妙香素食馆 (Tian Chu Miao Xiang)
  • Add: Rm 0206, 2/F, Bldg D, Chaowai SOHO, Yi6# Chaoyangmenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Chinese Add: 北京朝阳门外大街乙6号朝外SOHO大厦D座2层-0260号
  • Tel: +86 10 5900 1088
  • Blossom Vegetarian

    Blossom Vegetarian operates several branches in Beijing. This one in Dongcheng won the MICHELIN Plate award, offering veganized signature dishes from around the world like the vegetarian Spanish paella. They provide an iPad to order dishes with pictures and descriptions in English.

  • Chinese Name: 花开素食 (Hua Kai Su Shi)
  • Add: 144 Dongshimen Inner Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
  • Chinese Add: 北京东直门内大街144号
  • Tel: +86 10 6401 2228
  • Pure Lotus

    If money isn’t a bother, Beijing has high-end vegetarian fine dining. Pure Lotus is a famed fancy vegetarian restaurant making vegan cuisine with seasonal ingredients in attractively photogenic presentation. Normally it offers set menu starting from 2,000 to 3,000 per person.

  • Chinese Name: 净心莲 (Jing Xin Lian)
  • Add: Tongguang Bldg, No.12 Nongzhanguan Nan Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Chinese Add: 北京农展馆南里12号(通广大厦内)
  • Tel: +86 10 6592 3627

  • China's Top Vegan-Friendly City Beijing

    Vege Wonder

    Vege Wonder is another fine dining option for vegetarian diners in Beijing. Awarded One MICHELIN Star, Vege Wonder offers creative vegetarian dishes with beautiful food presentation, making the most of the natural flavor of vegetables, rather than fake meat. It only serves set menus.

  • Chinese Name: 山河万朵中国素食 (Shan He Wan Duo)
  • Add: 2/F, West Bldg, WF Central, Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing
  • Chinese Add: 北京王府井大街王府中环西座2层
  • Tel: Tel: +86 10 6888 8798
  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a true food paradise with a large variety of international cuisines and many Michelin-starred restaurants. And Hong Kong citizens consume more meat per capita than anywhere else,according to Euromonitor International.

    You may be surprised to find out that Hong Kong actually has approximately 2.5 million vegetarians, including vegans and semi-vegetarians. And there are about 300 plant-based restaurants and eateries in Hong Kong. See some of the best vegetarian restaurants for you to go veg without sacrificing on flavor.

    Chi Lin Vegetarian

    Chi Lin Vegetarian is a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant offering Buddhist meals with low oil, sugar and salt. It’s set behind a waterfall in Nan Lian Nunnery Garden and enjoys calming views of the cascading waterfall outside. The minimum charge is HK$120 per person at lunch, HK$150 for dinner. Pre-booking is recommended.

  • Chinese Name: 志蓮素齋
  • Add: Long Men Lou, Nan Lian Garden, 60 Fung Tak Road,, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong
  • Chinese Add: 香港鑽石山鳳德道60號南蓮園池龍門樓
  • Tel: Tel: +852 3658 9388

  • China's Top Vegan-Friendly City Hong Kong

    MANA! (SoHo)

    MANA is an eco-friendly vegetarian eatery offering wholesome plant-based food and operating at zero food waste. It features a vegan, vegetarian, raw and gluten-free menu and has huge range of fillings for wrap and burger.

  • Add: 8 Staunton Street, SoHo, Central, Hong Kong
  • Chinese Add: 香港中環士丹頓街8號地舖
  • Tel: Tel: +852 5501 7583
  • Treehouse

    Treehouse is a fast-casual eatery serving a good range of healthy vegan and vegetarian burgers, flatbreads, salads, and desserts. You can customize the wraps and bowls to create your own combo.

  • Add: Shop 1, G/F, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • Chinese Add: 香港中環砵甸乍街45號H Code地下1號舖
  • Tel: Tel: +852 3791 2277
  • VEDA

    Winner of 2019’s Foodie Forks Best Green Eats Editor’s Choice award, VEDA is the first hotel restaurant in Hong Kong to serve only vegetarian cuisine, operating from breakfast to dinner. The all-day dining menu features a fusion of Asian and Western flavors.

  • Add: Ovolo Central, 2 Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong
  • Chinese Add: 香港中環亞畢諾道2號
  • Tel: Tel: +852 3755 3067

  • China's Top Vegan-Friendly City Hong Kong

    Lockcha (Hong Kong Park)

    A trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without some dim sum. Thanks to Lockcha Tea House, vegans and vegetarians don’t have to miss out the classic Cantonese delicacies filled with culture. The only requirement is that each customer must order their own pot of tea.

  • Chinese Name: 樂茶軒
  • Add: G/F, The K.S. Lo Gallery, Hong Kong Park, Admiralty, Hong Kong
  • Chinese Add: 香港金鐘香港公園羅桂祥茶藝館地下
  • Tel: Tel: +852 2801 7177
  • Taipei

    In 2016, Taipei was named the most vegan-friendly city in Asia by PETA Asia. In 2017, CNN listed Taipei as one of 10 best cities for vegans. With hundreds of plant-based dining options from holes-in-the-wall and vegan street food snacks to grand vegetarian buffets and Michelin-starred fine dining, Taipei is a true haven for veggies. We’ve listed some of the best places to eat vegetarian food in Taipei:

    Ooh Cha Cha (Tech)

    Ooh Cha Cha is the first plant-based café in Taipei and 100% vegan, serving up simple, fresh and healthy vegan diet, including rice bowls, burgers, sandwiches, raw desserts and green smoothies. Their vegan food don’t use dairy, refined sugars, or refined oils. English speaking staff is available. They also have a branch on Nanchang Road.

  • Add: No. 4-1, Lane 118, Heping East Rd. Sec 2, Da’an District, Taipei
  • Chinese Add: 臺北市和平東路二段118巷4號之1
  • Tel: Tel: +886 2 2737 2994
  • China's Top Vegan-Friendly City Taipei

    Hoshina (Da'an District)

    Hoshina is one of Taipei’s most popular spot for udon noodles for vegetarians and meaters alike. Except for authentic Japanese vegan food, Hoshina also serves a few Taiwannese variants like Ma Po Tofu. Free tea is provided. There’s also a location in Songshan District.

  • Chinese Name: 穗科
  • Add: 3, Alley 27, Lane 216, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da-An District, Taipei
  • Chinese Add: 臺北市大安區忠孝東路四段216巷27弄3號
  • Tel: Tel: +886 2 2778 3737
  • Vege Creek (Yanji St)

    Vege Creek is Taiwan’s second largest vegan restaurant chain after Loving Hut. You can pick and choose all your ingredients (vegetables, tofu, kelp, noodles, etc.) up front and the staff cooks them in a traditional broth brew of Chinese medicinal herbs, salt and pepper. Or have your order served dry.

  • Chinese Name: 蔬河
  • Add: 2, Lane 129, Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei
  • Chinese Add: 臺北市大安區延吉街129巷2號
  • Tel: Tel: +886 2 2778 1967
  • Fruitful Food (Mingyao Department Store)

    Fruitful Food is a upscale vegetarian buffet chain mentioned by CNN on the list of best cities for vegans in the world we mentioned before. Though it’s not an all-vegan restaurant, Fruitful Food provides a large array of vegan options. And everything is clearly marked in Both Chinese and English.

  • Chinese Name: 果然匯
  • Add: 12/F, Mingyao Department Store, 200, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao East Rd, Da-An District, Taipei
  • Chinese Add: 臺北市大安區忠孝東路四段200號12F(明曜百貨)
  • Tel: Tel: +886 2 2771 8832
  • China's Top Vegan-Friendly City Taipei


    Mianto is a cozy award-winning vegan eatery hidden in a small alley. It serves up delicious fusion vegan cuisine like pasta and pizza with strong western and Italian influence and uses natural non-GMO ingredients. Mianto provides lunch, dinner and afternoon tea.

  • Chinese Name: 艾果豐
  • Add: 6, Alley 26, Lan 123, Sec 3, Ren Ai Rd, Da'an District, Taipei
  • Chinese Add: 臺北市大安區仁愛路三段123巷26弄6號1樓
  • Tel: Tel: +886 2 2711 8473
  • Taste Authentic Vegetarian Food with Easy Tour China

    Above is just the top cities in China for eating veggies. It’s possible to find vegetarian meals in almost every city all over China. Take a look at these handpicked vegetarian tours for inspiration:

  • 7-day Essence of China tour for Vegetarians of Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shanghai tour
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  • Or you can contact us to customize your own vegetarian tour itinerary.

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